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Last modified: July 09, 1999
XML: Demos and Miscellaneous Uncategorized

This document contains references to XML-related sites or documents for which I have had insufficient time to make investigation, or which are evidently tangential. Readers are invited to send email re: appropriate disposition. Some are [or will become] serious and important applications; others may be designed as interesting demos; others may be clearly experimental and 'just for fun'. Mostly in chronological order.


  • [February 07, 1998] XML Java IO Writer (source code, .ZIP), from Tyler Baker. the announcement posted to XML-DEV 06 Feb 1998. [local archive copy, 980207]

  • [February 07, 1998] CiaoXML demo. See the announcement posted to XML-L on 3 Feb 1998.

  • [February 02, 1998] XML/EDI XML/XSL Example - Fill-In-Form (Betty Harvey)

  • [January 09, 1998] XML Poetry Demo - "Drag words onto your virtual refrigerator." Cool demo from, XML Online. Use Internet Explorer 4.0.

  • [February 12, 1998] Prototype - a tool for the creation of Prototype application, input for which is an XML document; with DTD. From Pierre Morel, who says: "I am happy to share my works base on XML as a programming language. The model for now can support events attached to almost any elements." [xml-dev, 980128] Update 980212: "Prototype now supports access to JDBC database and scripting with EcmaScript interpreter; load a JFC table or tree with simple XML declaration; look at the Database page and the Scripting page."

  • [January 09, 1998] MONDO - A general architecture for encoding, modeling, and processing information, w/ DOM-builder

  • [January 28, 1998] vCard DTD [xCard] (Jason R. Cupp). [local archive copy]

  • [February 12, 1998] Zydeco is a Java-based browser and developement environment for XML, a new language. . . " Email:, Justin Higgins. [old link]

  • [February 12, 1998] ezDTD- DTD Editor/Generator/Formatter. "Export DTD in either SGML or XML fashion (with or without the minimization)." From Duncan Chen.

  • [February 19 [24], 1998] From Bill la Forge, work in progress: AXTP: Application eXtensible Transactional Protocol. "AXTP is a flat protocol, making direct use of UDP/IP, based on a simplified transaction model... [980218] Takes 4 packets per transaction (2-stage commit). . . Application extensibility is achieved through the use of XML, application-specific structures being caried in the contents of pre-defined messages. The use of XML seems particularly appropriate, as its facilitates the movement of structured data between diverse programs..." See also the announcement 980218 and update 980224. Source files, class files, html files, in .ZIP, [local archive copy, 980224].

  • [February 27, 1998] XLogo. Dmitri Kondratiev says: "XLogo is a markup language I wrote to program Logo Turtle Graphics with XML in Java applet. XLogo program is a well-formed and valid XML document. XLogo runtime is a set of Java classes that process XLogo program. The main reason for XLogo was to find out the advantages that XML provides for developing problem domain specific meta languages. Another goal was to learn XML and experiment with SAX - Simple API for XML. To parse XML documents (programs and other files), XLogo uses SAX - Simple API for XML developed by David Megginson." [980227 post to XML-DEV]

  • [March 07, 1998] MusicML - An XML Experience. From: Jeroen van Rotterdam. "A simple MusicML Applet which reads a MusicML document parses it with the microsoft xml parser and then parses the document tree to display it on a lightweight component. . . For fun and research we wrote MusicML . . . MusicML is, for non commercial usage, free available (dtd,java source included) for the XML community." With a DTD for MusicML. Or try: [DTD, local archive copy]

  • [January 14, 1999] Gustavo Frederico wrote a simple XML DTD for ChordML - "The purpose of it is to define a way for people to exchange simple music with simple lyrics and chords." [XML-DEV posting]

  • [March 20, 1998] XML for presentation re-use, from Henry S. Thompson. ". . . a simple XML dtd, plus 2+1/2 style sheets: one XSL (translated into DSSSL using XSLJ) goes from my XML to RTF in a form which Powerpoint is happy with. One+one-half (DSSSL with a switch for RTF/HTML) outputs to RTF or HTML as you prefer, for print or web delivery. It saves me HUGE amounts of time, I use it for everything now. . ." [XML-DEV post 980320]

  • [March 23, 1998] Announcement from John Unsworth for the availability of Inote version 6.0. Inote is an image annotation tool developed by Robert Bingler, Daniel Pitti, John Unsworth, and others at the University of Virginia. Inote uses XML for the encoding of annotations.

  • [April 02, 1998] "Interactive XML. HTML, XML, SGML - An interactive Comparison." Presented by Peter Bergström and Tomas Eriksson at SGML Sverige '98.

  • [April 05, 1998] "Database Access Definition Markup Language" - E.L. Willighagen

  • [April 06, 1998] XML-Binary (XML Content Encoding Standard) - "Active" work by Don Park

  • [April 08, 1998] XML and "The Weeds of El Limon." Have a look, and don't miss the document describing the underlying technology.

  • [April 22, 1998] XML and Literate Programming, by Anthony B. Coates.

  • [April 27, 1998] Announcement for the availability of "two simple XML teaching tools," by Frank Boumphrey: "(1) entity.exe (9K) will expand the entities in an XML DTD; (2) XMLparse.exe (22K) is a simple parsing tool that checks for well-formedness, and allows one to associate or generate a style sheet." Written in VB, for Windows 95/NT only, handle only small documents.

  • [May 15, 1998] Persimmon's Standard ML: ". . . work using Standard ML to write stylesheets that transform SGML and XML into HTML. The first release of Persimmon's Standard ML to Java bytecode compiler, MLJ, was made on May 13th, 1998." See the demo and "general links to documents describing the benefits of SGML, XML and stylesheets." See: Client-side XML Stylesheets - Using ML to transform XML documents into HTML in the browser.

  • [July 23, 1998] IBM AlphaWorks has released an 'XML-based wizard' for creating wizards, based upon the development work of Charles Burkett, Fred Simmons, and Doug Tidwell. "TaskGuide Viewer is an XML-based wizard for creating wizards. This wizard-creation tool makes computer tasks easier by breaking complicated tasks into sequential, simple steps that can be performed using a graphical, user-friendly interface. TaskGuide Viewer is a step above other wizard systems, which require you build the graphical user interface and manage data using traditional programming languages. Building and displaying wizards with TaskGuide Viewer is as easy as creating and viewing HTML files. The companion documentation, IBM's TaskGuide: An XML-Based System for Building Wizards, has all the information you need to develop wizards. Once you've coded the your wizard script, the TaskGuide Viewer displays your panels and follows the instructions in your script."

  • [August 12, 1998] 'There is a spec named "XML-Package" which addressed the problem of packaging multiple XML documents and related resources into a single XML document. While the spec itself is on-hold at the moment. . .' - Don Park, 980812.

  • [August 19, 1998] Tools and Utilities from Robert Hanson: XML::Parser, LOTE NewsFax to XML Parsers, LOTE XML to Kingdom Summaries, XML Script Server Parser.

  • [January 14, 1999] Gianni Rubagotti wrote on CTX: "The XML version of "Circolo Vizioso" magazine finally works. You can navigate in it directly clicking on the XML symbol at: To see it you need beta 2 of IE 5.0. In the XML version of this philosophical magazine you can see images and working hyperlinks."

  • [January 15, 1999] Frank Boumphrey recently "posted a prototype of a web application that uses XML on the Client side. It makes use of Jon Bosak's Shakespeare XML files to build an application the can index, search and filter the files. You need the IE5 beta to use this site or, rather any W3C XML DOM compliant browser." See The Shakespeare XML Demo.

  • [January 18, 1999] Guy Murphy has developed an XML Shakespeare demo "that emphasises the display of the plays." Description as of 1999-01-18: "Welcome to Shakespeare's plays presented as an XML/XSL experiment for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 beta 2. I've taken this opportunity to play with differing delivery methods. The primary navigation uses IE5 support of direct browsing of XML, with the XSL document to be used for transformation specified in the XML file. The play XML files also specify an XSL document, and so can also be viewed directly, but within the context of this site I have decided to create instances of the XML/XSL documents using the IE5 XMLDOM, so that different XSL documents can be applied to the play mark-up to produce both the main view of the play, and its Running Order out of the same document."

  • [January 27, 1999] Footwear Data Xchange - the E-Commerce Data Standards Group for the Footwear Industry - "Daniel Green Company initiated a collaborative effort to develop new, open standards for data exchange among footwear suppliers, retailers, web sites, sourcing and distribution. These new standards are intended for use with the increasingly popular eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML). . " [, Rick Labs]

  • [February 08, 1999] Richard Sargeant "posted a small example of the FAQs.xml and FAQ's.xsl on The example creates a basic FAQ sheet with a list of titles at the top of the page which are hyperlinked to the actual item bookmarked later on the page. The file contains the sample XML file, which includes a simple DTD, and the associated XSL file." [local archive copy]

  • [February 11, 1999] In December 1998, Tony Camero set up EarthChannels XML WebBoard ("XML WebBoard Invitation").

  • [February 22, 1999] XMLNet [12-09-1998] "XMLNet is an API for streaming XML. Using XMLNet, information can be transferred over the internet or other network in real time as a series of XML documents immediately and with high frequency on a schedule determined by a server, as opposed to relying upon requests from clients. These documents are delivered, one after another, on continuously open sockets to connected clients and delivered to objects in that client as Document Object Model (DOM) Document's, an open standard for representing XML documents as objects." [Paul Butkiewicz]

  • [March 09, 1999] PXML - Programming Extensible Mark-up Language.

  • [March 17, 1999] DADML - Database Access Definition Markup Language

  • [March 31, 1999] TeX DTD By Oliver Zeigermann: "I have designed a DTD to represent TeX in XML. Inspired by TeXML I found at IBM's alphaworks. My DTD shares some ideas but tries to make information a bit more explicit. This seemed to be necessary as I also want to use it as an intermediate step in converting TeX to XML." download. For more on TeX and SGML/XML, see "SGML/XML and (La)TeX."

  • [March 31, 1999] An Extensible Protocol Implementation in Java - "a free Java implementation of Extensible Protocol, a pure-XML protocol for sending and receiving XML documents on a persistent connection.' Tom Harding. The com.thinlink.xp package implements XP draft 00 using stream sockets and the IBM xml4j processor. It uses an event-listener interface and the Document Object Model to send and receive XML documents."

  • [April 01, 1999] LINUXML - "project devoted to changing the UNIX de facto standard for inter-process communication and storage from line-based ASCII records to XML. Linux is the reference platform."

  • [April 07, 1999] XML Medical Terminology Project - announced by Thomas A. Poe

  • [April 12, 1999] Resume/CV DTD. From Matt Sergeant. [local archive copy]

  • [July 09, 1999] A couple of months ago we started an open source project called Zvon which tries to support free information exchange. You will find details on the page click. XML, DTD, XSL and Perl scripts are available for download for every page. Different DTD's are produced from single XML template. The individual DTDs are generated with XSL transform." XML-L post.

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