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Last modified: August 21, 1998
Cover Pages: Caveats, Disclaimers, Legal Stuff

Using this Web Site: Warnings, Caveats, and Disclaimers

All the usual disclaimers, caveats, qualifications, and warnings apply to this experimental document collection. Some additional qualifying notices also apply. These include but are not limited to:

  • An experimental approach is being used in markup - exploiting the behavior of HTML browsers whereby unrecognized tags are simply ignored. If the non-HTML tags are causing problems in your browser, please let me know. The behavior of user-agents in this respect has been authorized in several HTML specifications.
  • The document collection is unfinished: the goal is to place each link within an adequte prose context, and that task is only partially complete.
  • The primary pages conform structurally to a hacked-up version of an HTML+ DTD and to the (apparent) particular whims of my Mosaic browser, but thereby violates the spirit of SGML in several obvious ways. The placement of anchors (supporting the apparent requirement that they have textual content!) is very unmotivated at times, but it probably works.
  • Some links/data may be inadequately cited or attributed. If so, this has happened through inadvertence and (emphatically) not by intention. In some cases I have copied a file to mirror an HTML document held elsewhere (for archival "backup" purposes - see below), but I endeavor religiously to name the canonical URL on the primary site, and encourage users to access the canonical copy of the document on the host URL instead of the archive copy, which could be used provisionally, in extremis. Please alert me if any of these archives copies are judged to be problematic for any reason: I will attempt to rectify the problem immediately upon your request. Please see also the additional comments on Network 'fair use conventions' offered in the context of the bibliographic database.
  • Some links to external sites will often be broken because the remote file systems change. I have tried to create redundancy in the information as one means of defeating this problem. The storing of local archive copies (sometimes with text only, and almost never with the intention of verifying internal links) is another strategy used to create redundancy. When a link to an external site is broken, try the top element in the path and navigate down the hierarchy to re-discover the (possible) new location of the information. If a local link is broken/bad, please let me know.
  • No spell checking has been done yet, nor careful editing. Please report gross errors, howlers, etc.
  • Accuracy, currency, and truthfulness are in no way guaranteed.
  • The author assumes no liability for (mis)use of the documents; no organizations named in any sig blocks are responsible either.

Legal Stuff: Registered Trademarks and Symbols, Copyright

  • Many names are the registered trademarks of various companies, and while some (meagre) attempt has been made to preserve the legal symbols '(R)' and '(tm)' to clarify this, the database evidences omissions. All such trademarks are nevertheless the property of their respective owners. Rectification of errors in this respect can be made upon request, pending resource availability. 'Rectification' may take one of several forms.
  • See Use of Registered Trademarks, Trademarks, and Service Marks for a revised statement of editorial practice.
  • "The Powered by Sun Logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries."
  • Copyright is claimed to all copyright-protected and protectible expression within this document collection, for the work of the author/editor/complier -- however silly such claim may seem in light of the fact that WWW browsers must request and receive an electronic "copy" in order to display the information. All expression explicitly or implicitly the intellectual property of other authors is obviously exempt from such claim. [Note, 1998-08-21: When I first wrote this in about 1993, copyright "experts" were still giving blank stares when presented with the fact that the Internet had created an environment in which traditional copyright laws were hopelessly irrelevant and ineffectual; since then, I recall, language has been added to grant that "copies" of digital information sets are indeed made under machine control and under direct human intervention in Web communications, when a Web document is printed on paper, etc.]

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