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Last modified: July 08, 2002
SGML/XML Bibliography

The Bibliographic Collections

Publications cited in bibliographic format may be found in five principal areas of the web site:

SGML/XML Bibliography Update - 1998

A major component of this SGML/XML database is represented by an updated online bibliography for SGML/XML and related standards, and more broadly, for technologies relating to structured documents. The bibliography provides a core list of references and abstracts for over 2000 books and articles (as of April, 1998). It updates the "General SGML bibliographies" cited immediately below, but includes only references and abstracts, with a brief index. It does not include software, vendor lists, etc. Our intention is to include comprehensive (though sometimes necessarily representative) coverage of all significant works this bibliographic listing; fulfillment of this intent is dependent, in large measure, upon the initiative authors must take to let me know of their SGML publications. The database is currently being augmented as well as maintained for currency. Users should take cognizance of the special caveats on 'copyright' published in the introduction. Please report additions, omissions, and corrections to

General SGML bibliographies

An online "general bibliography" for SGML compiled by Robin Cover (with pointers to other SGML resources) is available from several Internet sites, listed below. This general bibliography includes not only bibliographic references, but descriptions of SGML Projects, Software, etc. Some of the address information is dated in this version, but the core bibliographic data is still useful, and is substantially complete for primary SGML print publications in book form. The bibliography is currently being updated and revised. Network sources include:

  • Bibliography from the SIL GOPHER (searchable version)
  • Bibliography in text format from the SGML Repository. Version: 'January 1992'. [local archive copy]
  • Bibliography in various formats from the SGML Project, Exeter (in uncompressed, compressed, and .tar file formats). [local archive copy]
  • Available via standard email from the SGML Project's mailserver (in 5 parts). For part 1, send the command GET SGML BIBLIOG.P1 on a single line in the body of an email message to Then, in the same or separate email messages (one command per line), send a similar request for the four files BIBLIOG.P2, BIBLIOG.P3, BIBLIOG.P4, BIBLIOG.UPDATE.92.04 ).
  • Available in four parts from the AIBI-L (UOTTAWA) Listserver. Send standard email to with the following commands (one per line) in the body of the email message: "get sgml biblio1 aibi-l"; "get sgml biblio2 aibi-l"; "get sgml biblio3 aibi-l"; "get sgml biblio4 aibi-l".
  • Also available from the University of Cardiff WWW server

Other versions of this SGML bibliography have been published in several print formats:

  • Cover, Robin; Duncan, Nicholas; Barnard, David. "The Progress of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language): Extracts from a Comprehensive Bibliography." Literary and Linguistic Computing 6/3 (1991) 200-212. ISSN: 0268-1145. The article includes introductory essay sections delineating the fundamental conceptions of SGML, its broad application, and the advantages it brings to academia, industry and government sectors.
  • Cover, Robin; Duncan, Nicholas; Barnard, David. Bibliography on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) and Related Issues. Technical Report 91-299. Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. February, 1991. ISSN 0836-0227. 312 pages. A revised print version of a bibliographic and information database (compiled by Robin Cover), structured in SGML-database and formatted with SGML ->> BibTeX utilities developed at Queen's University by Nick Duncan and David Barnard.
  • Cover, Robin. "SGML: Annotated Bibliography and List of Resources." <TAG> 5/3 (March 1992) 4, [1-12]; 5/4 (April 1992) 4, [13-24]; 5/5 (May 1992) 4, [25-36]. A three-part article covering SGML bibliography and resources in 10 major categories, including SGML software available on the Internet.
  • Cover, Robin. "SGML Bibliography. [Appendix C.]" In Perspectives on Electronic Publishing: Standards, Solutions, and More [by Sandy Ressler]. Pages 285-320. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: PTR Prentice Hall, 1993. ISBN 0-13-287491-1.
  • Cover, Robin. "SGML/TEI Bibliography." Pages 233-242 in The Text Encoding Initiative: Background and Context. Edited by Nancy Ide and Jean Véronis, with a Preface by Charles F. Goldfarb. Dordrecht/Boston/London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995. Extent: vi + 242 pages. ISBN: 0-7923-3689-5; 0-7923-3704-2. The bibliography contains 103 references pertinent to SGML, and particularly, to academic applications of SGML. The volume is reprinted from the special triple-issue of Computers and the Humanities (CHUM volume 29, numbers 1-3, 1995). See the main bibliographic entry for the volume, or the volume description for further details.

Other bibliographic compilations

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