udp based transactional protocol, tested and working!

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 20:49:01 -0500
From: Bill la Forge <b.laforge@OPENGROUP.ORG>
Subject: udp based transactional protocol, tested and working!
X-Sender: laforge@postman.osf.org

I've got a udp-based transactional protocol working.

Takes 4 packets per transaction. (2-stage commit.)

Full recovery protocols are included.

Uses an unreliable client model: the transaction server is included with
the server. If the client disappears before the commit, the transaction
automatically rolls back.

Testing was done with a man-in-the-middle program, which randomly
drops, duplicates, and reorders packets.

Written in pure Java; everything is a JavaBean.

Some catches:

  o Documentation is poor to none, and quite dated at the moment:
  o Source is currently uncommented:
  o No security yet. (I'd like to use session keys on a per-transaction basis.)
  o While persistence is necessary for transaction processing, that component
    is currently stubbed out.
  o Wire protocol is currently Java Object streams. I'd like to use XML.
    (Again, this was done as a seperate component.)

I am happy to have taken it this far.
Next step for me should be documentation.


Bill la Forge
Sr. Research Engineer
The Open Group