CiaoXML Demo Foreshadows Intelligent Browser Applications

From owner-xml-l@LISTSERV.HEA.IE Tue Feb  3 18:39:42 1998
Date:     Tue, 3 Feb 1998 16:23:17 -0800
From:     Mitch Gould <mitchgould@GENERALPICTURE.COM>
Subject:  CiaoXML Demo Foreshadows Intelligent Browser Applications

Who: General Picture
What: CiaoXML Demo Foreshadows Intelligent Browser Applications
When: February 3, 1998
Where: Forest Grove, OR
Why: ciao browser user interface xml imap4 email home automation consumer
internet appliance

   User-interface designer General Picture announced its CiaoXML demo today,
at CiaoXML is a novel user-interface design
suitable for a browser, a search engine, and an IMAP4 e-mail filter. The
initial beta demo uses Microsoft XML technology to query a small,
previously-compiled catalogue of online resources about Oregon.

   Ciao represents a consumer-centered departure from the WIMPy
(windows-menu-icon-pointer) complexities of current windowing user
interfaces. It offers a direct, pushbutton command syntax. In addition to
support for XML metadata, the demo features the kind of autocomplete search
index used in Microsoft's WinHelp.

   Since CiaoXML is a client-based search engine, the JScript and VBscript
source code is fully accessible to curious parties. General Picture is also
offering redistributable user-interface elements in its Consumer-Centered
Design Toolkit, which will eventually be expanded to include a DHTML

  The demo requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v 4, 800x600 resolution, and
a little patience while switching between help- and content-viewing modes.

  General Picture wants to license the novel filtering strategy of the Ciao
interface to such varied clients as internet service providers and home
automation OEMs.

  For more info, contact Mitch Gould at (503) 357-7447, or Ciao(TM) is copyright (c)
1995,1996,1997,1998 by Mitch Gould for General Picture(TM). Ciao, CiaoXML,
general picture, and you get the general picture are trademarks of Mitch
Gould for General Picture. you get the general picture(TM)