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COMTEX Adopts NewsML

COMTEX Adopts NewsML, Industry Standard for News Delivery

XML-based Standard Supports Multimedia News Creation, Storage and Delivery

ALEXANDRIA, VA. March 20, 2001.

COMTEX News Network, Inc. today announced its adoption of NewsML, the standard for the management of multimedia news.

NewsML, based on the World Wide Web Consortium's Extensible Markup Language (XML), was ratified as the official standard on October 6, 2000 by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC).

COMTEX' adoption of NewsML ensures its compatibility with other NewsML-powered news sources, simplifying integration into COMTEX' product line.

NewsML can be used by news providers to combine their pictures, video, text, graphics and audio files in news output for multiple display platforms or devices, including Web sites, mobile phones, high end desktops, and interactive television. The technology also enables news to be transmitted in several different languages.

The common infrastructure allows news providers to combine their content from various sources with little effort, helping publishers create information packages targeted to specific audiences, improving delivery of personalized news to the end-user.

Individual searches and filter systems will be able to process information from a wider range of sources, as information from multiple publishers will be in a single format. In addition to creating a single format, NewsML offers an accurate, objective set of descriptive tools that make searching more precise.

"COMTEX' adoption of NewsML will ensure that COMTEX remains competitive in the online content market. Compatibility with other NewsML sources will make us an even more attractive partner for publishers, while easy integration and expanded multimedia use will attract a greater number of distributors to our services," said Sheri Robey-Lapan, VP, Marketing & Corporate Strategy. "The standard format, along with the search and filter capabilities will provide COMTEX' customers with the high quality, specialized content they have come to expect from COMTEX."

About COMTEX News Network, Inc.

COMTEX News Network, Inc., a full service, business-to-business infomediary, aggregates and redistributes diverse, real-time global news and information to resellers in the Internet, Wall Street and corporate markets.

COMTEX' innovative technology gathers nearly 20,000 stories a day from over 10,000 diverse, global sources to create its subject-specific, value-added headline and vertical-market news products for distribution to over 1100 information services and re-distributors throughout the world, reaching millions of end users.

COMTEX' products include CustomWires, Newsroom Enhanced Products and News Solutions. COMTEX also offers Publisher Full-Feeds and Processing Services. Select publishers include AllAfrica, Inc., The Associated Press, Business Wire, Bridge Information Systems, Knight Ridder/Tribune, Newsbytes, ON24, PR Newswire, South American Business Information, The Sports Network, UPI and Xinhua.

Located in Alexandria, VA, COMTEX can be found on the World Wide Web at


Heather Henderson
COMTEX News Network, Inc.
Phone: +1 703-820-2000

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See "NewsML and IPTC2000."

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