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Last modified: September 10, 2001
SGML/XML Serial Publications

Serial Publications Pertaining to SGML/XML

While online electronic publications have begun to replace paper-print journals and newsletters, a number of important serials remain dedicated to SGML/XML, or provide significant coverage for SGML/XML and related structured document technologies.

Contents Listing

Note: This document needs a thorough update, but it still provides mostly reliable hints to the standard (paper/print) serial publications on SGML/XML. Newsletters like ebt-link (published by Electronic Book Technologies) and Avalancher (published by Avalanche Development Corp.) are not included below. Many SGML providers have newsletters covering general SGML trends and development as well as articles supporting their own SGML products. Titles below covering primarily CALS may not be up-to-date. CALS stands for "Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support", but formerly was "Computer-aided Acquistion and Logistics Support".

Markup Languages: Theory & Practice

[CR: 20011010]

The technical journal Markup Languages: Theory & Practice was launched in 1998. The principal editors were initially B. Tommie Usdin (Mulberry Technologies, Inc.) and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (University of Illinois/Chicago). A fuller description and listing of editors and members of the editorial board is provided in the main overview for this serial.

"The MIT Press is proud to announce the launch of Markup Languages: Theory & Practice starting in early 1999. This quarterly, peer-reviewed technical journal will be the first journal devoted to research, development, and practical applications of text markup for computer processing, management, manipulation, and display. Specific areas of interest include new syntaxes for generic markup languages; refinements to existing markup languages; theory of formal languages as applied to document markup; systems for mark-up; uses of markup for printing, hypertext, electronic display, content analysis, information reuse and repurposing, search and retrieval, and interchange; shared applications of markup languages; and techniques and methodologies for developing markup languages and applications of markup languages."


To order a subscription, contact:

MIT Press Journals
Five Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Tel: +1 617-253-2889
FAX: +1 617-577-1545


XML-Journal "is intended for CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, enterprise solutions consultants, systems analysts, software engineers, and general XML enthusiasts interested in the applications, solutions, and technologies surrounding XML. The magazine focuses on how XML technologies impact the business community, which includes analyses, return-on-investment, total-cost-of-ownership, and case studies. XML-Journal is broken down into five categories: the Home section is devoted to editorials, news, and general commentary not associated with any of the other sections. Content Management covers the systems, applications, and best practices pertaining to the organization, dissemination, and presentation of information. Data Management covers the systems, applications and best practices pertaining to the storage, transformation, representation, and general use of structured and unstructured data. Enterprise Solutions covers case studies, best practices, applications, and systems that use XML in the delivery of mission-critical enterprise applications, such as enterprise application integration, B2B commerce, supply-chain management, and customer resource management. And XML Labs covers implementations of XML applications, the latest on XML standards, reviews of XML products and books, and XML tutorials." [description from Cheryl Van Sise of SYS-CON]

<TAG> The SGML Newsletter

[CR: 19961202]

<TAG>: The SGML Newsletter (ISSN 1067-9197) is a joint venture of SGML Associates, Inc. and the Graphic Communications Association (GCA). It is published as "The Technical Journal of the SGML Community," and is probably the premier dedicated newsletter covering industry-wide applications of SGML. <TAG> offers features articles, regular columns, and a calendar for a wide range of SGML events: SGML in publishing, CALS SGML, SGML events and conferences, implementation case studies, SGML tutorials, product news, interviews, and other topics.

<TAG>'s Managing Editor is Brian E. Travis (President of SGML, Inc. and a Principal on the ANSI X3V1 Committee), while Dale C. Waldt is the responsible publisher. Other current editors (December 1996) are Sharon C. Adler and William W. Davis, Jr. Deni C. Travis is the General Manager. Regular contributors to <TAG> include Marion Elledge, Charles Goldfarb, David Peterson, Bob DuCharme, Dianne Kennedy, and David Silverman. Former contributors: Ludo van Vooren, Yuri Rubinsky, and Anders Berglund.

<TAG> began publication in May/June, 1987, and with issue 9/12 (December 1996), will thus conclude its tenth year of publication. Since issue 5/1, <TAG> has appeared monthly, with about 12-20 pages per issue. Current subscription prices (December 1996) are annual 180 US dollars for delivery in the US, 190 dollars US for delivery overseas. Discounts of about 30 US dollars are offered to non-profit organizations, full-time students and faculty of accredited institutions, and to members of the SGML Users' Group and its affiliates. Other special offers are available with orders for back issues.

Comments, news, articles, reports and suggestions for <TAG> should be sent to Deni Travis, General manager, at the address below.

<TAG>: The SGML Newsletter
6360 S. Gibraltar Circle
Aurora, CO 80016-1212 USA
TEL: +1 303.680.0875
FAX: +1 303.680.4906
Email: (or:
Compuserve: 70076,665
WWW: <TAG> Home Page:

InterChange: International SGML Users' Group Newsletter

InterChange: International SGML Users' Group Newsletter (ISSN: 0952-8008) is the primary publication sponsored by the International SGML Users' Group (ISUG). The newsletter began publication in December, 1986 and has appeared as an occasional publication in 40 issues through its current (December, 1997) offering. The newsletter covers all facets of news relevant to the use of SGML, XML, DSSSL, HyTime, and related document technologies. InterChange is currently published quarterly, with approximately 38 pages per issue. A more academic and substantial publication of ISUG, SGML Users' Group Bulletin (ISSN: 0269-2538), appears to have languished of late, but back issues are available from the ISUG Bookstore.

The first editor of the newsletter InterChange [SGML Users' Group Newsletter] was Joan Smith, who served for four years. The late Yuri Rubinsky (SoftQuad Incorporated) was a corresponding editor for several years. The current newsletter editorial staff includes Eamonn Neylon (Editor), Pamela Gennusa (Contributing Editor), Marilyn Chick (Production Editor), and Yvonne Vine (Editorial Assistant).

Back issues of InterChange [SGML Users' Group Newsletter] are also available from the ISUG Bookstore. Newsletter correspondence and payment may be made to:

International SGML Users' Group
Attention: Yvonne Vine
PO Box 361
Great Western Way
Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 7BF
United Kingdom
FAX: +44 1793 512516


[Ceased operation 01-March-96]

The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems

The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems and associated Seybold Special Report series are both valuable publications in terms of SGML coverage. Neither is dedicated to SGML, but they provide superior information on SGML publishing software, often in more detail than other dedicated SGML serial publications. SGML software exhibited at the annual Seybold Seminars and Expositions (e.g., Boston, San Francisco, Paris) is often described fully in Seybold Report on Publishing Systems and in the Special Reports. See, for example, several articles by Mark Walter ( on JCALS; on the Chameleon Project; on ODA; on SGML used in production of mainstream journals; on the SGML '94 Conference; etc.) and bibliographic entries for recent special reports (Seybold Seminars Boston '95; Seybold San Francisco '94 and [Special Report 3/4, ditto] ). Please see the main Seybold entry for other details.

See the Seybold Publications WWW Server., or information on the Seybold Reports. Free sample issues of either Seybold Report on Publishing Systems or Seybold Report on Desktop Publishing are available.

Other Relevant addresses:
Seybold Publications, Inc.
Subscription Inquiries
PO Box 976
Media, PA 19063 USA
TEL: (800) 325-3830 or (610) 565-6864
FAX: (610) 565-1858

Seybold Publications, Inc.
Business and Editorial/Production Office
428 E. Baltimore Avenue
PO Box 644
Media, PA 19063 USA
TEL: (610) 565-2480
FAX: (610) 565-4659 or 565-3261

The Seybold Report on Internet Publishing

The Seybold Report on Internet Publishing provides in-depth coverage of Internet-related publishing technologies. The journal is appropriate "for those who demand deeper insight, more substantive opinion and more respected advice on the future of the medium. It is for the Webmasters, the creative directors and the publishing professionals who will bring successive waves of compelling content online." No advertising.

The Gilbane Report on Open Information & Document Systems

The Gilbane Report on Open Information & Document Systems is a monthly CAPV Publication. The report is now [1999] edited by Tim Bray, co-editor of W3C's Extensible Markup Language (XML) specification. The Gilbane Report "covers document management and document computing technology and business applications. The report provides an objective analysis of technology issues and market trends in the fast growing area of document and information system technology. . . Each issue of the report includes critical analysis as well as relevant news summaries. Some of the topics that have been covered in the Gilbane Report are: data and document application interoperability, document and content management, document query languages and search technology, XML and other markup languages, style sheets, formatting technologies and standards, document architectures and standards such as the W3C Document Object Model (DOM), Web authoring, object technologies and databases."

MultiLingual Computing and Technology

MultiLingual Computing and Technology is a "leading industry magazine for Web site globalization, international software development and language technology. Published eight times a year, it is read by more than 20,000 people in 52 countries who have technology-based multilingual needs. Information and current news are also provided by and its electronic newsletter, MultiLingual News. MultiLingual News features the latest news for language technology and multilingual computing."


Published by the Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group.

<!ELEMENT - Een uitgave van de SGML Users Group Holland

[CR: 19980402]

From November 14, 1995, "What's New": Announcement for an impressive new SGML newsletter: <!ELEMENT - Een uitgave van de SGML Users Group Holland. ISSN: 1382-6670. The inaugural issue of this quarterly newsletter (Number 1, Okt 1995; kindly forwarded by Jan Grootenhuis) is 16 pages in length, complete with color graphics and b/w photographs. Authors for the first issue include Gert Meydam (editorial welcome), Koen Mulder [Wolters Kluwer NV] ("Data-uitwisseling"), Wim Vercouteren ("SGML en het document-produktieproces") , Diederik Gerth van Wijk ("SGML en HTML"), Roelof de Vrij (product review: "3B2", from Advent Publishing Systems), and Jan Grootenhuis (product review: "Near & Far 1.21", from Microstar). The newsletter's first issue introduces several Dutch scholars involved in SGML work.

As of April 02, 1998, information on <!ELEMENT was availableat:, from the Web site of the SGML Users Group Holland. Eleven (11) issues of the newsletter have been published through February 1998.

Contact the secretariaat:
p/a Nijgh Periodieken
t.a.v Bea van Ette
Postbus 122
3100 AC Schiedam
Tel: 010 - 4 27 41 00
Fax: 010 - 4 73 99 11
Email [Bea van Ette]:

SGML BeLux Newsletter

The SGML BeLux Newsletter is a publication of the SGML BeLux Users' Group, the Belgian and Luxembourgian chapter of the International SGML Users' Group. The first three volumes of the newsletter have been made available online in HTML format: e.g., Volume 3 (1996). Many of these newsletter articles are of broad interest, and thus valuable to SGML users worldwide. Email contact: the SGML BeLux secretariat or

Barlow Report

Barlow Report. Barlow Report is an occasional (quarterly) newsletter covering CALS and CALS-SGML. Written by Bob Barlow, edited by Steve Goodyear. Complimentary subscriptions available upon request. Contact: AGFA CAPS; 200 Ballardvale Street; Wilmington, MA 01887; (1 508) 658-5600. [check: may now be defunct]

CALS Journal

CALS Journal. CALS Journal (ISSN: 1061-2572) is a publication for the CALS community; it was new in 1992, incorporated in 1994. It now appears five times a year. The editorial advisory board included David Bettwy, Howard M. Bloom, Judith A. Fincher, Rear Adm. Roland G. Freeman III, Pamela Gennusa, Frank Gilbane, James E. Giles III, David Gunning, Donald Hall, Terry R. Savage, H. B. Stormfeltz. Contact: CALS Journal; 14407 Big Basin Way; Saratoga, CA 95070-6008; USA. TEL: (1 408) 997-7394; FAX: (1 408) 867-9800. Subscription rate: 90 US dollars annual.

CALS/CE Report

CALS [Commerce at Light Speed*] Report: Design, Implementation and Support Data for Concurrent Engineering and ILS. CALS Report is a Monthly newsletter on CALS, including CALS-SGML topics. ISSN: 0897-991X. Edited by William G. Beazley. Contact: CALS Report; Knowledge Base International; 5700 Northwest Central Dr., Suite 160; Houston, TX 77092; TEL 713-690-7644; FAX 713-690-7645; email: (IAI); (CALS/CE Report). Subscription rate : 395 US dollars annual (paper), but see details. Update 1996: Volume 9, Number 1 was published in January, 1996. See the CALS/CE Report WWW page for further details.

EuroCALS Newsletter

EuroCALS Newsletter. The EuroCALS Newsletter is a publication of the CALS in Europe Special Interest Group, a SIG of the International SGML Users' Group. ISSN: 0958-2711. Contact: David Ardron, Secretary, CALS in Europe SIG; Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd,; Western Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1RA; UNITED KINGDOM; TEL: +44-344-483232; FAX: 44-344-54639; TELEX: 848117 FERBKL G. Subscription rate (1991): 20 pounds UK. [check: may now be defunct]

SGML Report

SGML Report. SGML Report is an occasional newsletter covering industry applications of SGML. Written by Pat Byrne, edited by Steve Goodyear. Complimentary subscriptions available upon request. Contact: AGFA CAPS; 200 Ballardvale Street; Wilmington, MA 01887; (1 508) 658-5600. [check: may now be defunct]

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