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Last modified: July 20, 1998
Commercial SGML/XML Software

A list of publicly available software tools for SGML and XML is maintained in a separate section of the SGML Web Page. Creating and maintaining a full list of SGML software tools and vendor addresses has proven difficult for several who have tried -- because the software scene changes so rapidly, and because creating an optimally useful taxonomy of software types and functions is so dependent upon the end user's perspective and perceived set of requirements. Currently, the Internet resources of this kind known to me include:

  1. Steve Pepper's "Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools and Vendors"
  2. Bob DuCharme's list of DBMS vendors who claim to support SGML
  3. The Kuikka/Nikunen extracted software listing from their Systems for Structured Text. A review of some 207 software packages, 1998. This updates the review of 89 software packages, completed in 1994.
  4. The University of Exeter <SGML> Project - Assessment of SGML-Aware Software [local archive copy]
  5. SGML Software Resources Listing, from the SGML University
  6. NICE Technologies' [November 1996] online database of SGML vendors and products
  7. International SGML Users' Group Newsletter. The "Products and Services" department in each newsletter issue provides quarterly updates on SGML/XML/DSSSL software. See, for example, newsletter issue 2/4. [Data only partially online]
  8. Seybold Publications' "Vendor Directory" and Consultant Directory
  9. "Markets and Applications for the Standard Generalized Markup Language", available from CAP Ventures

The first three documents are described more fully below.

Whirlwind Guide (Steve Pepper)

The HTML version of Steve Pepper's "Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools and Vendors" is probably the best online reference tool for commercial SGML software; readers are encouraged to consult it as a primary source. Information on SGML and XML software is organized by: (1) tool and resource category; (2) product name; (3) vendor name, and (4) service providers. In print form, the SGML Buyer's Guide (by Charles F. Goldfarb, Steve Pepper, and Chet Ensign) presents much of the same information (and more); see the bibliographic entry for details.

The creator and maintainer of the Whirlwind Guide is:
Steve Pepper
STEP Infotek AS
Gjerdrums vei 12
N-0486 Oslo
Tel: +47-22 02 16 80
Fax: +47-22 02 16 81

DBMS-SGML Vendors List (Bob DuCharme)

A list of DBMS vendors who claim to support SGML, compiled and maintained by Bob DuCharme. Or: [local archive copy]. The document title is "DBMS Support of SGML Files." In the version available May 20, 1996, the following vendors (with addresses) were listed: Open Text Corp.; Electronic Book Technologies; AIS Berger-Levrault; Information Dimensions; Aerospatiale; Oracle Corporation; Xyvision, Inc.; TechnoTeacher, Inc.; Texcel Research, Inc.; Computer Resources International; Georg Heeg Objektorientierte Systeme; Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI); InfoDesign Corporation; Collaborative Information Technology Research Institute; Thunderstone Software - EPI; Infrastructures for Information; INFORIUM, The Information Atrium Inc.; XSoft, A Division of Xerox; Andyne; Passage Systems Inc.

Systems for Structured Text (Eila Kuikka and Erja Nikunen)

[CR: 19980218]

Updated January 1998. See the announcement from Eila Kuikka for the public availability of a revised report Survey of Software for Structured Text. This report, available in HTML (hypertext) and Postscript format, surveys some 207 software tools that claim to support the processing of structured documents. This publication updates the survey which reviewed 89 software packages, completed in 1994. Most of these software tools are SGML/XML compliant or aware. Description, contact information, references, and prices are listed for each software package. The database entries are accessible via alphabetical (name) listing, by software 'type' (in eighteen categories), and by price. This revised and expanded 1998 edition of the Survey is authored by Eila Kuikka (Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Kuopio, Finland) and Erja Nikunen (Nokia Telecommunications, Finland). In HTML format:, and published also as a technical report of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Kuopio, Finland. [local archive copy] See the full bibliographic entry for other details and alternate Net location(s).

[Description from the 1994 edition, retained here for historical purposes. "This list [3 parts in 3 disk files: A-E, F-M, N-Z] is a part of a report published in Finnish as a technical report of the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Kuopio, Finland. The aim of the report was to give a brief overview of electronic text and its processing by computers. The main part of the report is a section that contains a short description and typical features of 89 systems. This English summary contains only that part of the report and our aim is not to update this list later." See the summary page; part1 A-E, part2 F-M, and part3 N-Z.]

Other Software

The section below is not designed or completed yet. For the present, simply see Steve Pepper's excellent "Whirlwind Guide" and Bob DuCharme DBMS lists (effort that I intend not to duplicate here). Only a couple additional links are given here.


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