Survey of Software for Structured Text

From Mon Feb  9 06:30:03 1998
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 14:16:28 +0200 (EET)
From: Eila Kuikka <>
Subject: survey of software for structured text
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The new version of 'Survey of Software for Structured Text' is available through Internet at URL:

This new report contains a survey and descriptions of 207 software.

The renewed version contains also the link to the earlier version of this report 'Systems for structured text' published in 1994 as a technical report. The URL of the summary of the earlier version was the same as for this renewed report.

As earlier, this survey describes software for texts whose structure is in machine-manipulatable form. This survey includes both SGML and non-SGML programs. Also prototypes and free programs in addition to commercial programs are included. The survey contains grouping of software according to their types and their prices in addition to the alphabetical listing of programs. For each program, main features are listed, a short desciption is given as well as a link to a screen shot if available.

The list is definitely not complete. It corresponds to the situation at the end of the year 1997. If there is something to add or to correct, please, let us know.


Eila Kuikka and Erja Nikunen

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