Veraz, France -- November 15, 1995 -- NICE technologies announces TagPerfect version 1.0. TagPerfect is a configurable RTF to SGML filter. It uses the NICE technologies parser and an RTF conversion program written in Microsoft C++.

Following the release and enthusiastic market response to NICE technologies' TagWizard, we are now applying our core technology and expertise to a fully configurable RTF to SGML conversion program said Eric van Herwijnen, NICE's Chief Executive Officer. "TagPerfect gives people an easy tool that allows bulk conversion of legacy data into SGML and that permits authors to continue using the word processor they like."

"There are now a number of good SGML add-ons available for MS Word, including the TagWizard, which are good for creating new SGML documents. However, getting your existing data into SGML remains a problem" explained Eric van Herwijnen. "Through an easy to use interface, TagPerfect can be instructed how to add tags to an RTF document. The parser, helped by some powerful tree matching algorithms converts the document into fully parsable SGML."

"TagPerfect works with any SGML DTD, and can also be used for any existing and future HTML DTD. TagPerfect is the enabling technology that allows our customers to profit from the wide array of available SGML software and services currently on the market."

A fully functional demo of TagPerfect and other NICE technologies software (TagWizard) is available via anonymous ftp from the depository at cica:, in the directory /pub/pc/win3/u ploads/ It is also available from the World-Wide-Web at URL: and Compuserve (GO MSWORD, PC Winword section).

NICE technologies

With significant expertise in the SGML and Windows technologies, NICE was founded in 1993 to provide products and services to the mass market in the area of network information management and retrieval. The company mission is to simplify the complexity of information management technologies making them accessible to everyone.

Widely recognized as a proponent of SGML and the Web, the company is involved in the design, manufacture and sale of products, technologies and services for commercial and technical computing. NICE is headquartered in Veraz, France.

For more information, please contact Eric van Herwijnen, NICE technologies, chemin des Hutins, Veraz, 01170 Gex, France. Tel/Fax +33-50424940. Email: 100043,