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ITD Statement on ETRM v4.0 Public Review Comments

Statement on ETRM v4.0 Public Review Comments - August 1, 2007

On behalf of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Information Technology Division, we would like to thank the 460 individuals and organizations who took the time to submit their comments on the ETRM v4.0 Public Review Draft. Most of the comments addressed revisions made to the Data Formats section, specifically the inclusion of Ecma-376 Office Open XML as an acceptable document format for office applications along with the Open Document Format (ODF).

The Commonwealth continues on its path toward open, XML-based document formats without reflecting a vendor or commercial bias in ETRM v4.0. Many of the comments we received identify concerns regarding the Open XML specification. We believe that these concerns, as with those regarding ODF, are appropriately handled through the standards setting process, and we expect both standards to evolve and improve. Moreover, we believe that the impact of any legitimate concerns raised about either standard is outweighed substantially by the benefits of moving toward open, XML-based document format standards. Therefore, we will be moving forward to include both ODF and Open XML as acceptable document formats. All comments received are posted on this web site.

Massachusetts is the first state to adopt a policy encouraging open, XML-based document formats. The Commonwealth has set the stage for a new and innovative way to ensure state government operates most efficiently and effectively for its citizens. The ETRM articulates a vision of a Service Oriented Architecture where information can be shared, re-used and re-purposed based on XML technologies. Document formats play a part in this vision by serving as containers for the information rather than being the end goal. The availability of open, standardized XML document formats without vendor bias will move us further along in realizing this vision.

As we have stated previously, the ETRM will continue its evolution, and we will continue to monitor developments as standards are revised and new standards are ratified. Thank you for your comments.

Henry Dormitzer
Undersecretary of Administration and Finance
Interim Commissioner, Department of Revenue

Bethann Pepoli
Acting Chief Information Officer

Web site home page 2007-08-01: "Enterprise Technical Reference Model v. 4.0 is Published. The final version of the Enterprise Technical Reference Model (ETRM) v.4.0 has been published with an effective date of August 1, 2007. Read a statement about the public review comment process and the comments received."

Enterprise Technical Reference Model - Service-Oriented Architecture (ETRM v4.0): The Enterprise Technical Reference Model (ETRM) provides an architectural framework used to identify the standards, specifications and technologies that support the Commonwealth's computing environment. The ETRM identifies both the current state and the target state of the Commonwealth's computing environment. Ongoing implementation of the target state identified within the ETRM will result in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for the Commonwealth that uses open standards solutions where appropriate to construct and deliver online government services. This version of the ETRM v. 4.0 effective August 1, 2007 updates content published in version 3.6, introduces the new Management Domain, enhances the ETRM's format for accessibility and usability as well as provides additions and updates to existing language and technical specifications. The ETRM continues to be a work in progress.


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See the related news story "Major Revision of Massachusetts Enterprise Technical Reference Model (ETRM)."

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