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Last modified: July 15, 1998
SGML/XML Archive Sites

SGML/XML Archive Sites Using WWW, GOPHER, FTP, etc.

SGML resources are available on dozens of Internet sites, accessible using WWW (HTTP), Gopher, FTP, and similar protocols. The following section lists some of the more important archive sites. The sites names are organized under three categories:

Primary FTP Sites

SGML Repository at Oslo

The premier Internet FTP archive for SGML is this is The SGML Repository, located at the Department of Informatics [UiO Institutt for Informatikk (Ifi/UiO)], University of Oslo, Norway. Its URL is:, and an overview of the archive contents is given in the README file. The archive was created and is supported by Erik Naggum. The archive and associated services of the SGML Repository (digests, archived and indexed copies of 'comp.text.sgml' postings, strongly researched commentary on SGML issues by Erik Naggum) represent a represent a wealth of SGML information. Ongoing maintenance of the archive is made possible in part through a donation from the SGML Users' Group, SGML UG SIGhyper, and SGML Open. Questions regarding The SGML Repository should be directed to Erik Naggum ( Mirror sites for the SGML Repository include SUNET - [so! as of September 05, 1996, but hereafter also try], and in the US, the Sunsite - UNC FTP server.

SGML Project at Exeter

A second primary Internet FTP archive, official for several purposes, represents the work of Michael Popham and others in the SGML Project. It is based at Exeter. The URL is: The archive's unique contents are germane to SGML activities in the UK. A subset of the contents is available via email through a mail server. See the README file on the FTP server for an overview of the archive contents. A separate information file describes the SGML Project itself. See also the WWW/HTTP access for update: Welcome to The SGML Project [or this link], including a useful overview document.

[SGML Project Report] Assessment of SGML-aware software:

Other SGML Archive Sites

Darmstadt: THD SGML Archive

The THD SGML Archive (URL: is sponsored by the Computer Science Department, Technical University of Darmstadt. It mirrors a subset of the information at the SGML Repository but includes some information not at the SGML Repository. The collection represents the work of Joachim Schrod, maintainer of the THD SGML Archive (Email: Connect via FTP, or see Darmstadt -- SGML (Overview) in HTML

UNC Sunsite

[CR: 19970206]

UNC Sunsite has up-to-date SGML-related archives [as of February 1997], and particularly resources pertaining to DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) and XML (Extensible Markup Language). See also links via the UNC Sunsite FTP server.


[CR: 19960905]

This server (URL: [so, 19960905] mirrors data primarily from the SGML Repository. Connect via HTTP [was: GOPHER], or connect via FTP. See also: the README for the SUNET SGML archive, and a snapshot [19960905] of the top-level directory listing. The SUNET repository is also another (apparently little-known) mirror of the OTA archive. The address is [19960905]

Falch Infotek

Steve Pepper's highly valuable "Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools" is available in HTML and text format at this site: The primary files in text format are also mirrored at the SGML Repository and other larger archive sites.


Original and test distributions of James Clark's parser materials (SGMLS, SP) are available on this machine (URL: The site also supports an important collection of material on DSSSL. Most data is mirrored on the larger archives as well. Connect via FTP or HTTP (WWW) protocols: FTP to; JClark WWW resources.


Original sources for Lennart Staflin's PSGML editing tool SGML: Lysator PSGML (Remote file, normally mirrored on the larger archives.


The authoritative FTP site for the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) DTDs, Writing System declarations, and Guidelines documentation is Link via FTP to UIC. Many sites mirror this file system and its mail-based (LISTSERV) counterpart; see further in the primary TEI section. TEI materials are also on the official TEI WWW server.

Oxford Text Archive (OTA)

The authoritative FTP site for a significant corpus of literary texts encoded in (TEI) SGML by the Oxford Text Archive project. See, for example, the "/public/english/" and "/public/french/" subdirectories on the fileserver when you connect via FTP to Oxford (OTA), or connect via WWW connection to The Oxford Text Archive in the UK. The Humanities Text Initiative at the University of Michigan hosts a North American mirror site for the OTA materials, and sometimes provides a faster link: Also, SUNET mirrors the OTA server materials:

Sunsite - UNC (Mirrors SGML Repository)

The Sunsite FTP server mirrors the files in the SGML Repository. Connect via FTP to and thence to the oslo-mirror subdirectory.

Sites with SGML/HTML Pages

Kungl Tekniska Högskolan [KTH]: SGML användarförening i Sverige

Kungl Tekniska Högskolan [Swedish Royal Institute of Technology] has a nice collection of WWW pages on SGML and HTML (with text in Swedish). Contact: Peter Bergström [email], Chair, Swedish SGML Users' Group.


ZGDV [Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung e.V.] Web SGML/DSSSL/HyTime Page. The links are maintained by Hans Holger Rath, Abteilungleiter (Department Head) Document Computing, Computer Graphics Center (ZGDV), Department Document Computing, Wilhelminenstrasse 7, D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany; Email:; Phone: (+49) 6151 155 152; Fax: (+49) 6151 155 199. See his home page.

Index Information Technologies Oy

Index Information Technologies Oy - Index IT Experts in documentation Spesialized in SGML [in Finnish]. See the main page. Introduction: "Index Information Technologies Oy on erikoistunut ISO-8879/SGML standardin varaan rakentuvien ohjelmistojen maahantuontiin, koulutukseen ja konsultointiin. Lisäksi tuotevalikoimaamme ja osaamiseemme kuuluvat johtavat oliomenetelmät ja niitäautomatisoivat CASE-välineet."

Address:Index Information Technologies Oy; Otsolahdentie 8D; FIN-02110 Espoo Puh. 90-461 977, fax 90-462 849;;

Ikeda Lab, Chiba University

See SGML Home Page, Ikeda Lab, Compiled by H. Ikeda.

SGML brukergruppe i Norge (Espen Ore)

SURFnet Premium: Produktie van Elektronische Materialen op basis van Internationale en Uniforme Methoden

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