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Last modified: November 25, 1998
Xyvision's SGML and XML Enhancements

Xyvision Demonstrates SGML and XML Software Enhancements

Strengthens Support for SG/XML Linking, SG/XML Component Management, and Automated SG/XML Publishing

CHICAGO, IL November 18, 1998.

Xyvision, Inc., a leading provider of information management and document publishing solutions, demonstrated major new enhancements to its flagship products, Parlance Document Manager and Xyvision Production Publisher, at the XML 98 show in Chicago. These new software enhancements reinforce Xyvision's commitment to support SGML and XML, the Extensible Markup Language, as key elements of its long-term strategy.

  • The Parlance Link Manager, a companion product to Xyvision's Parlance Document Manager, controls the creation and validation of XML and SGML links within a relational database.

  • The XPP Integration Kit helps companies integrate Xyvision Production Publisher (XPP) with third-party XML or SGML authoring tools or document management systems.

  • The enhanced Parlance-Livelink Application Suite enables users to share XML and SGML document components between a Parlance component management system and an enterprise-wide Open Text Livelink repository.

Managing XML and SGML links

Creating, managing, and resolving cross-references among paper and electronic documents has always been a challenge. Database-driven component management systems and dynamically changing Web data have increased the complexity and difficulty of inserting and maintaining links. The Link Manager is a companion product to Xyvision's Parlance Document Manager that enables users to create and manage links between information objects inside the database. When these objects are assembled and published to paper, CD-ROM, the Web, or other media, the Link Manager maintains the original link relationships.

The Parlance Link Manager provides several benefits:

  • simplifies link creation across objects

  • enables link creation in collaborative multi-author environments

  • ensures that cross references are valid across complex data repositories

The Link Manager operates within a Windows Explorer-like interface or from an XML or SGML authoring tool, such as ArborText ADEPT Editor or Adobe. FrameMaker.+SGML. It enables users to:

  • establish links and targets between objects inside the database or to external files or URLs outside the database

  • view targets in native file formats

  • insert links as a unique ID in the correct XML or SGML syntax

  • track, manage, and identify links that do not have a corresponding target

  • set-up empty links for data or objects that have not yet been created

  • query where links or targets are used

The Link Manager is extensible to meet the specific requirements of various applications and environments. Future releases will include a fully documented API and the ability to use it as a standalone tool with other publishing applications.

Automating composition of XML and SGML data

The XPP Integration Kit is a set of tools that helps companies integrate XPP with third-party XML or SGML authoring tools and document management systems. The Integration Kit operates in a client/server environment and enables users to run XPP background processes on a Unix server from a Windows 95 or NT client. Capabilities include:

  • automated composition and pagination of XML or SGML fragments from third-party document management or authoring tools

  • remote control of XPP printing options including looseleaf insert pages, PDF, paper, and color separations

  • coordination of processes on UNIX server from a Windows PC

Fully customizable, the Integration Kit can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Managing XML and SGML components enterprise-wide

At XML 98 Xyvision demonstrated the next generation of its Parlance-Livelink Application Suite, showing how users can share XML and SGML data between a Parlance component management system and an enterprise-wide Open Text Livelink repository. The integration of the Parlance repository with the Livelink intranet enables organizations to leverage the advantages of structured editing, reusable information objects, and automated document production in a collaborative enterprise-wide workgroup environment.

Pricing and availability

The XPP Integration Kit is currently shipping and the Link Manager is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 1999. Pricing for both products is available on request.

About Xyvision products

Parlance Document Manager is a component management system that enables companies to store and manage document components as universal information objects in a common database, share and reuse these objects in more than one document, and publish the same information in multiple formats. Information objects can be SGML, XML, HTML, or non-structured data, such as graphics, PDF, or word-processing files. Parlance tracks the location, history, version, and revision of these objects and includes workflow, automated document assembly, and tight integration with a variety of text and graphics editors.

Xyvision Production Publisher (XPP) automates the composition of long, complex documents and provides speed, power, and throughput that is unattainable with desktop systems. Once set-up, this industrial-strength composition system requires little or no operator modifications to the composed pages. In addition to wide usage with Parlance Document Manager, XPP is frequently chosen as a publishing engine for use with a variety of other document management systems. XPP is programmable and easily integrated into an overall SGML/XML solution, making it the ideal solution where robust batch composition is required for delivering information to the printed page.

About Xyvision

Xyvision provides information management and document production solutions that leverage the value of an organization's information assets and automate the production of paper and digital documents. One of the earliest and most established developers of publishing and information management solutions, Xyvision markets products that are used by industry-leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, standards, and publishing markets to produce reference books, journals, catalogs, directories, financial and legal material, and technical manuals. More information about Xyvision is available at

[Note: Xyvision and Parlance are trademarks of Xyvision, Inc. Livelink and Open Text are trademarks of Open Text Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.]


Xyvision, Inc.
Judy Cox
Tel: (781) 756-4400 x 5312


Demaree Public Relations
Dan Demaree
Tel: +1 (781) 224-1700

[See also the announcement on the Xyvision Web site.]

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