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Last modified: July 15, 1998
Web Site Description


SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is an ISO standard (ISO 8879:1986) which supplies a formal notation for the definition of generalized markup languages. A simplified form of SGML called XML (Extensible Markup Language) is being developed through the agency of W3C as an application profile of SGML, optimized for use on the Internet. SGML and XML markup languages provide for the structuring and hypertext linking of document and database information in a vendor-neutral, machine-independent, and human-readable format.

This SGML/XML Web Page is an online database of SGML/XML reference information and software, designed to make these resources freely accessible to the public by means of a Web browser. Information is supplied for the entire family of SGML and XML standards, including HyTime, DSSSL, XSL, XLL, XPointer, XLink, SPDL, CGM, ISO-HTML, and others.

The SGML/XML Web Page is a reference collection which currently hosts over 2400 documents. The collection includes a comprehensive annotated and linked bibliography for SGML, with over 2000 bibliographic entries. It features a news column entitled What's New, providing daily or weekly updates on SGML/XML resources and industry initiatives. The SGML/XML Web Page provides comprehensive and cumulative information resources, including: online SGML/XML tutorials and introductions; description of SGML/XML user groups, SIGS, and industry consortia; case studies on the use of SGML/XML within industry, government and academic sectors; detailed conference, workshop, and seminar listings; categorized description of SGML/XML software; contact information for SGML/XML software developers and service providers; technical reference materials for SGML/XML implementors and programmers; answers to some SGML/XML 'frequently-asked-questions' (FAQs); information on standards related to SGML/XML.

The SGML/XML Web Page endeavors to provide an industry-neutral repository of information that can serve as a pre-competitive basis for SGML/XML development and support -- commercial and non-commercial. It also attempts to provide assistance to users who are evaluating the merits of SGML/XML as an enabling technology, potentially of importance in their information management and publishing needs. These goals provide a rationale for the cumulative nature of the collection, as well as for the database organization. The document collection embeds links to the online SGML/XML resources within descriptive prose, supported by a detailed subject-oriented document hierarchy.

Documents in the database collection have been maintained by hand over a long period of time, so their liabilities are legion. Users are urged to take cognizance of the published disclaimers and caveats having to do with data integrity, accuracy, currency, and 'copyright'.

This database is maintained by Robin Cover. Please send comments to

Access by Mail

Users not having direct Internet access (e.g., perhaps in developing countries) can obtain some of the information from the SGML/XML Web Page via a mail-based WebMail server at University College, Cork. Restrictions currently require that these be the smaller documents (less than 128K) in 7-bit "text" format: xxx.txt, xxx.html, xxx.htm. Send the message "get [URL]" with no quotes via email to The command 'get' returns the HTML document, while 'send' returns a plain text version without markup; 'help' returns a help file. See the WebMail information page at "" for current information.

Additions and Comments Solicited

The author solicits additions, corrections, and comments related to the SGML/XML Web Page. This invitation extends particularly to researchers who have "work in progress." Research of this nature is of vital interest to the SGML community because it is current: technical reports, RFCs, research memoranda, draft working papers, documents submitted for publication or in press, white papers, technical resolutions, etc. Many of these works are inadequately indexed as paper documents within work-flow information channels used by the library science community, or are only belatedly indexed. Your research deserves to be publicized early -- while it is most relevant as a catalyst for other good ideas. Please send communiques with full bibliographic information (URLs if possible) by electronic or postal mail:

Robin Cover
6634 Sarah Dr.
Dallas, TX USA 75236
Email (alt):

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