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Last modified: July 15, 1998
SGML on the Web: Small Steps Beyond HTML, by Rubinsky and Maloney. Acknowledgements.

SGML on the Web: Small Steps Beyond HTML
By Rubinsky and Maloney


Rubinsky, Yuri; Maloney, Murray. SGML on the Web: Small Steps Beyond HTML. Charles F. Goldfarb Series On Open Information Management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR [Professional Technical Reference], 1997. Extent: 528 pages, CDROM with Panorama Pro 2.0 and other software. ISBN: Paper (0-13-519984-0). Authors' affiliation: SoftQuad, Inc. See the bibliographic entry for other descriptions.


There are so many people who deserve acknowledgement, not only for playing a part in the creation of this book, but for empowering and enabling Yuri and me, each in their own way.

  • Anna and Andrew Rubinsky for bringing Yuri into our world.
  • Holley Rubinsky for sharing Yuri with us, and for establishing the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation.
  • Joan Maloney, Andrea, Christopher and Brendan for their endless encouragement, steady support and endless patience.
  • Peter Sharpe, Steve and Marian Downie, Bill Clarke, David Slocombe, Dave Gurney, Linda Hazzan, Roberto Drassinower and Bud Greasely for lifting and lightening the load. And to Lauren Wood, Liam Quin and Peter Sharpe for their help in creating the examples.
  • Barb Burrows, for talking to me, listening to me, and writing for me, the two pages that were the most difficult to write in this entire book. And just for being the kind of close friend-to both Yuri and me-that I could turn to for help.
  • Liam Quin for his masterful design of the printed book, his meticulous attention to detail, and his tireless effort in typesetting it for publication.
  • Eliot Kimber, Charles Goldfarb, Hasse Haitto, Peter Lidbaum and Magnus Tobiason who each contributed to the HyTime examples.
  • Paul Grosso, Melinda Stetina and the rest of ITEE for the ERD example.
  • Wendy Freedman and Terry Sadlier for the GM example.
  • Beth Micksch, John Dick and Robin Tomlin for the Datataker example.
  • The ICADD committee and others who have contributed to making information accessible for the disabled: George Kerscher, Mike Paciello, Joe Sullivan, Jutta Treverarus, Jim Allen, Steve Edwards, Tom Wesley, Bart Bauwens, Jan Englen, Uli Strempel, David Holladay, Richard Jones and Jeff Suttor in particular.
  • The book's editorial and production team at SoftQuad-Kay McCutcheon, John Turnbull, Colin Moock, Zvi Gilbert, Rodney Boyd, Nelson Adams, Cheryl Simpson and Ryan Germann-without whose technical assistance, artistry, hard work and dedication this book could not have been completed.(Not to mention giving up evenings, weekends and vacation time.)
  • Bob Stayton and Henry Budgett at SCO, and Liam Quin and Ian Graham in Toronto for REL/REV.
  • The members of the Davenport Group, the OSF, USL and X/Open DOC SIGS, the IETF HTML Working Group and the W3C HTML Editorial Review Board for the education gained by, and the pleasure of participating in their work.
  • Jon Bosak, Eve Maler, Jeanne ElAndaloussi and Harvey Bingham for their technical guidance and encouragement.
  • Dan Connolly and Dave Raggett, without whom the World Wide Web might never have become a truly exemplar case of SGML in action.
  • Joseph Hardin at NCSA and Stu Weibel at OCLC for their very early enthusiasm for SGML on the Web, the Metadata workshop, and the Metadata DTD used in a simpler form in this book.
  • Charles Goldfarb and Tim Berners-Lee, without whom the world would have neither Standard Generalized Markup Language nor the World Wide Web, respectively.
  • Vanevar Bush, Douglas Engelbart, Marshall McLuhan, Ted Nelson and Vint Cerf, whose visions of the future paved the way to a better place than we had before.
  • And to all of our dear friends, close colleagues, passing acquaintances and total strangers who deserve acknowledgment for fostering in us all the urgent belief that... "Life is a Daring Adventure, or it is nothing."-Helen Keller.

Yuri Rubinsky and Murray Maloney, 1996

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