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Last modified: October 12, 2000
PML: Markup Language for Paper and Printing

PML is a "paper, printing and publishing markup specification developed by Paperhub which is based on XML (the emerging Internet standard for data sharing between applications). PML is a new protocol for Internet-based commerce between buyers and sellers of paper and printing products. PML will enable Web-based integration of a range of services and catalogs to facilitate efficient transactions and the availability of up-to-date information."

[April 14, 2000] Paperhub Introduces PML as Industry Standard Markup Language for Paper and Printing. Paperhub recently announced the development of a new XML-based markup language 'PML' for to be used by all participants in the paper and print marketplace. This "paper, printing, and publishing markup language called PML is a new protocol for Internet-based commerce between buyers and sellers of paper and printing products. The production of PML comes as a result of Paperhub's partnership with webMethods and Appleton Papers to develop and implement integrated, end-to-end e-commerce solutions for paper industry members. Based on Extensible Markup Language (XML), the emerging Internet standard for data sharing between applications, PML will enable Web-based integration of a range of transaction services and catalogs to facilitate efficient, cost effective system-to-system transactions. By enabling communication across diverse application platforms, the PML standard serves initiatives for both static commerce, such as catalog and purchase orders, as well as dynamic commerce, such as exchanges and contract negotiations. . . Paperhub will produce an e-marketplace solution for the paper industry that will significantly cut transaction costs and reduce sales cycles, resulting in more efficient inventory levels and ultimately affecting a company's bottom line. webMethods will provide a backbone to deliver PML, other existing XML standards, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connectivity. Paperhub intends to present PML to the B2B Standards Committee, a technical committee of the Graphic Communications Association (GCA), as a foundation for what may ultimately become a GCA industry standard. The B2B Standards Committee works to define an improved business process and data model for information sharing within the graphic communications industry through the development of open, vendor-neutral interoperability standards." For other details, see the full text of the announcement, "Paperhub Introduces Industry Standard Markup Language for Paper and Printing. New Open Standard Protocol Facilitates E-commerce Applications for Printers, Mills and Merchants."


  • Paperhub Home Page

  • "Paperhub Introduces Industry Standard Markup Language for Paper and Printing. New Open Standard Protocol Facilitates E-commerce Applications for Printers, Mills and Merchants."

  • [September 12, 2000] "Paperhub and printCafe Integrate XML Offerings. printCafe Extends the Integration of the Printing Process to Paper Fulfillment." - "Paperhub and printCafe today announced their intent to coordinate their XML product offerings to enable paper fulfillment integration across the printing and publishing supply chain. Paperhub provides a neutral common ground for the paper industry where mills, merchants, printers, publishers and the graphic arts community access critical online resources and services across the supply chain. This integration is enabled by PML, a new Web-based XML specification, design tool and delivery engine developed by Paperhub in support of paper industry business collaboration. 'PML allows the paper industry supply chain to run more efficiently and effectively by enabling seamless integration from buyer to seller,' said Mike Ehlenz, Director of E-Commerce for Paperhub. 'This integration will allow companies to reduce costs and errors, ultimately delivering improved customer service.' printCafe is a leading internet software infrastructure provider for the printing industry. printCafe's Internet-based software is designed to integrate supplier products and services with buyer infrastructure software solutions. printCafe PCX is the integration framework for interfacing external systems and services with printCafe business management solutions. In anticipation of the initiative, printCafe has been working with Paperhub to extend its PML transaction sets to include specifications required to interface with printCafe's suite of applications. In accordance with printCafe's PCX framework, Paperhub has offered PML transaction sets to the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) Business-to-Business Standards committee to aid the development work in this area. 'printCafe anticipates using the PML paper transaction sets as its preferred method/transaction sets for achieving the integration,' said Paul Gaboury, Director of Consulting Services and Manager of printCafe's PCX integration program. 'We're very excited about improving the paper industry value chain by supporting a consolidated, industry communication standard,' said Gaboury. 'As proof of our joint commitment, Mike Ehlenz from Paperhub and Kate Moore from printCafe will be contributors to this GCA committee.' 'By broadening PML participation and supporting open standards, such as the GCA XML paper standards, Paperhub and printCafe are working together to accelerate the paper industry's technology adoption rate,' said Ehlenz. 'We know that standardization through PML will correct many of the industry's supply chain inefficiencies. printCafe has valued print industry expertise that will enhance this capability. Use of PML by printCafe will strengthen both companies' product offerings. We're looking forward to a rewarding relationship'.'

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