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Last modified: November 23, 1998
Object Design's XML Data Server

Object Design Brings XML to the Enterprise With Industry's First XML Data Server

Customers Hail eXcelon XML Data Server as "Exceptional." Enables Companies to Use XML as Data Standard for Enterprise Web Applications

CHICAGO, IL. XML '98. November 16, 1998. XML '98 Conference.

Object Design, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise and embedded data management solutions, today announced eXcelon, a revolutionary eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data server that enables companies to build enterprise Web applications using XML. XML is a new universal data standard from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

eXcelon is a high-performance, highly scalable data server that caches and serves all information to enterprise applications and Web servers as XML. eXcelon is an easy-to-use, general-purpose solution that works with all data sources, application servers and client software and it fully complies with XML and all related standards as defined by the W3C. eXcelon can be used as an application cache for existing data sources, or as a complete data management system for new XML-based applications.

"Customers are concerned about whether XML is ready to be considered as an approach for managing, integrating and distributing data," said Michael Goulde, a senior consultant at the Patricia Seybold Group, a leading information technology research and consulting firm. "That concern is answered by eXcelon, which provides a powerful and scalable solution for caching and distributing XML data in the middle tier. eXcelon is the platform that will launch a whole new generation of applications that exploit the power of XML at the server."

eXcelon automatically stores, caches and delivers XML data across the middle tier of multi-tier applications and guarantees that the data will be kept 100 percent up-to-date and transactionally consistent at all times. No other product can match eXcelon's patented technology for caching XML data across the middle tier.

"eXcelon is an exceptional solution for building XML Web applications," said Bill Gougler, director of Thoughtworks, Inc., a leading technology consultant and systems integrator to Fortune 1000 corporations. "eXcelon will enable Thoughtworks to develop and deploy a vast array of new, sophisticated Web applications that will help our customers become the vanguard of next-generation Web commerce."

eXcelon's unique XML data management facilities provide superior performance, scalability and integration with legacy data. These capabilities enable corporate information technology (IT) departments to deploy XML Web applications quickly and easily because they can base all of their applications on one standard data type: XML.

eXcelon also is an ideal solution for any application that requires access to multiple dissimilar data sources, such as Web electronic commerce, enterprise customer-service systems, or as the data hub for enterprise integration. "One of the most compelling aspects of XML is its potential to integrate low-level data into useful business documents," said Kevin Dick, founder of Kevin Dick Associates, a consulting and research firm specializing in enterprise software technology. "eXcelon is the first product to provide a scalable platform for synthesizing such business documents from multiple back-end databases and delivering them to users via standard Web servers."

"eXcelon represents a new major product line for Object Design," said Larry Alston, vice president of marketing for Object Design. "XML is rapidly emerging as a universal data standard, and eXcelon is a unique product based on proven technology that provides the performance and scalability required to support enterprise XML applications."


eXcelon is currently in beta testing and will be commercially available in the first quarter of 1999. Object Design will make a public beta version of eXcelon available through its Web site ( later in the fourth quarter of 1998.

About Object Design

Object Design, Inc. (, a leading provider of enterprise and embedded data management solutions, develops and markets the ObjectStore database management system and related tools, the ObjectStore PSE Pro line of small-footprint embedded databases, and the eXcelon XML data server. ObjectStore, with its unique Cache-Forward database architecture, is used by customers in a wide variety of industries to build and deploy component-based computing applications. The company backs its products with comprehensive training, services, and support. Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., Object Design sells and supports its products through branch offices across the U.S., international subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan and Australia, and a worldwide network of distributors.

[NOTE: Object Design, the Object Design logo, ObjectStore, Leadership by Design, and Object Exchange are registered trademarks of Object Design, Inc. eXcelon and Cache-Forward are trademarks of Object Design, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.]

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