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Last modified: July 15, 1998
OASIS Hosts Robin Cover's SGML/XML Web Page

OASIS Hosts Robin Cover's SGML/XML Web Page

Sponsored by GCA, Inso and ISOGEN

Leading Supporters of Open Standards Ensure Continued Free Access to Comprehensive XML and SGML Reference Collection

March 23, Seattle, WA. OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (formerly SGML Open) announced that it will host Robin Cover's SGML/XML Web Page, a comprehensive reference site for information about open document interchange standards. OASIS sponsor members, the Graphic Communications Association (GCA), Inso Corporation and ISOGEN International, are funding the independent Web page to ensure long-term, free access to its library of information related to these important standards. The SGML/XML Web Page will be added to the existing XML and SGML resources currently available on the OASIS web site,

The SGML/XML Web Page is an industry-neutral, online reference collection of over 2,000 documents with information for the entire family of SGML standards, including XML, HyTime and others. The Web site provides comprehensive and cumulative information resources, such as: online tutorials and introductions; descriptions of XML/SGML groups; case studies on the use of XML/SGML within industry, government and academic sectors; detailed conference and seminar listings; categorized descriptions of XML/SGML software; contact information for software developers and service providers; technical reference materials for XML/SGML implementers and programmers; information on standards related to SGML; and answers to frequently-asked-questions.

"OASIS and Robin Cover's SGML/XML Web Page are a natural fit," explained Robin Tomlin, executive director of OASIS. She recognized the contribution of the consortium's sponsor members. "Through their support for the site, GCA, Inso, and ISOGEN are demonstrating their commitment to open document interchange standards, while ensuring access to the wealth of electronic publishing standards reference information found on the SGML/XML Web Page."

"Through the sponsorship of this broad-based international consortium, users can be assured of a continuing commitment to comprehensive and industry-neutral information about XML and SGML," said Robin Cover, author of the SGML/XML Web Page. "The non-profit status, international standards focus, and vendor-neutrality of OASIS are all important features of the sponsorship arrangement, helping ensure the editorial independence of the SGML/XML Web Page."

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a standard proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for disseminating information across the Internet. XML opens new dimensions for Web documents, making them multidimensional, capable of being processed by different programs, delivered by different methods and viewed differently by users.

SGML (the Standard Generalized Markup Language) is the international standard (ISO 8879) for open interchange of documents and structured information objects. SGML was developed in 1986 to offer organizations a way to protect their investment in information and to make documents accessible and deliverable in a choice of mediums.

OASIS is the only international consortium dedicated solely to product-independent document and data interchange. Founded in 1993 as SGML Open, OASIS has expanded to embrace the complete spectrum of structured information standards including XML.

OASIS Sponsors include: Adobe Systems, AIS/Berger Levrault, ArborText, Inc., Chrystal Software, Database Publishing Systems, Folio, Fuji Xerox, Graphic Communications Association, Inso, ISOGEN, Open Text, SoftQuad, STEP, Sun Microsystems, Texcel, Thomson, Xyvision and the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation.

OASIS Contributors include: ActiveSystems, Inc., AGAVE Software Design, CITEC International, Ltd., Copernican Solutions Inc., Crane Softwrights Ltd., Data Conversion Laboratory, Document Solutions Management Inc., Electronic Data Foundry, Enigma, General Dynamics Defense Systems, IBM Corporation, Inera, Information Architects, Inc., Information Dimensions, Inc., Infrastructures for Information, Jouve Software, Inc., InfoObjects, Inc., L. A. Burman Associates, Lonergan Digital SARL, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., Microstar Software, Ltd., Mulberry Technologies, Neville & Associates, Noldor Technology, Novell, Inc., NPC Digital Services, OMI Logistics Ltd., Progressive Information Technologies, ProText, RivCom, SAGRELTO Enterprises, SGML Resource Center, Structured Information Consulting, Synex Information AB, Tata Infotech, TetraSys, Tokyo Electron America, Inc. and Uniscope, Inc.

Carol Geyer
Program Manager
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Voice and Fax:  +1.412.963.1479

[Note: This press release is also available on Businesswire.
See also the OASIS Web site version of the announcement.]

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