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Created: October 13, 2004.
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Open Applications Group Publishes WS-I Compliant WSDL Files for OAGIS.

An announcement from the Open Applications Group (OAGi) describes the release of a complete library of OAGIS WSDL files, including WSDL for all of the XML definitions in OAGIS Version 8.0 and in the XML Schema version of OAGIS 7.2.1. The WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) files are described as non-normative, but can be can be used with OAGIS for deployment in a Web services environment.

The Open Applications Group is a "non-profit consortium focusing on best practices and processes based on XML content for eBusiness and Application Integration." The principal notion in OAGIS is the BOD (Business Object Document), supporting a common horizontal message architecture. BODs are "the business messages or business documents that are exchanged between software applications or components; between companies; across supply chains; and between supply chains.

BODs are used widely for business-to-business and application-to-application integration in e-commerce, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, human resource management, and financal services. The BOD Message Architecture is independent of the communication mechanism: it can be used with simple transport protocols such as HTTP and SMTP, but it also can be used in more complex transport protocols such as SOAP, ebXML Transport and Routing, or any other Enterprise Application integration system."

The Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS) Version 8.0 release contains some 200 XML BODs, with over 300 XML schemas and over 400 example XML instances. It includes a set of example scenarios, each of which describe the choreography or business process that OAGIS maybe used. Complete with hyperlinked HTML documentation, OAGIS v8.0 adds support for long tag names, XML Schemas, XSL, and XPath. XSL (specifically XPath) is used to capture the required fields and other constraints that can be applied to the BODs; XPath is also used to apply the action of the Verb on particular Components of the Noun with in the BOD.

The new WSDL distribution for OAGIS Version 8.0 is a standalone ZIP archive containing 60 WSDL files that are intended to be loaded into the main OAGIS 8.0 SP3 file system. The OAGIS 7.2.1 distribution as a zip file contains an enhanced version of the OAGIS 7.2.1 BODs in XSD format in addition to sample WSDL schemas for OAGIS 7.2.1.

The OAGIS WSDL definitions are intended to conform to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0. The Basic Profile formally approved by the WS-I member community "consists of implementation guidelines on how core Web services specifications should be used together to develop interoperable Web services. The non-proprietary Web services specifications covered by the Basic Profile include SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1, UDDI 2.0, XML 1.0, and W3C XML Schema." The profile identifies and resolves "more than 200 interoperability issues" associated with the use of core Web services specifications referenced in the document.

WSDL Files for OAGIS 8.0 and OAGIS 7.2.1

OAGIS 8.0: BillOfMaterial.wsdl; ChartOfAccounts.wsdl; Consumption.wsdl; CostingActivity.wsdl; Credit.wsdl; CreditStatus.wsdl; DeliveryReceipt.wsdl; DispatchList.wsdl; ElectronicCatalog.wsdl; EmployeeTime.wsdl; EmployeeWorkSchedule.wsdl; EngineeringChangeDocument.wsdl; ExchangeRate.wsdl; Field.wsdl; Inspection.wsdl; InventoryBalance.wsdl; InventoryCount.wsdl; InventoryIssue.wsdl; InventoryMovement.wsdl; InventoryReceipt.wsdl; Invoice.wsdl; ItemCrossReference.wsdl; ItemMaster.wsdl; JournalEntry.wsdl; LedgerActual.wsdl; LedgerBudget.wsdl; Location.wsdl; MaintenanceOrder.wsdl; MatchDocument.wsdl; MatchFailure.wsdl; MatchOK.wsdl; Party.wsdl; Payable.wsdl; Personnel.wsdl; PickList.wsdl; PlanningSchedule.wsdl; PriceList.wsdl; ProductAvailability.wsdl; ProductionOrder.wsdl; ProductRequirement.wsdl; Project.wsdl; ProjectAccounting.wsdl; PurchaseLedgerInvoice.wsdl; PurchaseOrder.wsdl; Quote.wsdl; Receivable.wsdl; RequestForQuote.wsdl; Requisition.wsdl; ResourceAllocation.wsdl; Routing.wsdl; SalesOrder.wsdl; SequenceSchedule.wsdl; ShipmentSchedule.wsdl; UnitOfMeasureGroup.wsdl; WIPConfirm.wsdl; WIPMerge.wsdl; WIPMove.wsdl; WIPRecover.wsdl; WIPSplit.wsdl; WIPStatus.wsdl

OAGIS 7.2.1: Activity.wsdl; BOM.wsdl; Catalog.wsdl; COA.wsdl; Consumptn.wsdl; Countinfo.wsdl; Credit.wsdl; Customer.wsdl; Delivery.wsdl; Dsptchlist.wsdl; ECatalog.wsdl; Engchgordr.wsdl; ExchngRate.wsdl; Field.wsdl; Inspection.wsdl; Invencount.wsdl; Inventory.wsdl; Invoice.wsdl; Issue.wsdl; Issueinfo.wsdl; Item.wsdl; Itemclass.wsdl; ItemSpecs.wsdl; ItemXref.wsdl; Journal.wsdl; LdgrActual.wsdl; LdgrBudget.wsdl; Maintorder.wsdl; Matchdoc.wsdl; Matchfail.wsdl; Matchok.wsdl; Mfgtlcode.wsdl; Miscitem.wsdl; Payable.wsdl; Personnel.wsdl; Persontime.wsdl; Picklist.wsdl; PlanSchd.wsdl; Plinvoice.wsdl; Pricelist.wsdl; Prodavail.wsdl; Prodorder.wsdl; Productreq.wsdl; Projacctng.wsdl; Projinfo.wsdl; PurchaseOrder.wsdl; Quote.wsdl; Receivable.wsdl; Requisitn.wsdl; Resource.wsdl; RFQ.wsdl; Routing.wsdl; SalesOrder.wsdl; SeqSchd.wsdl; ShipSchd.wsdl; Sitelevel.wsdl; Status.wsdl; Supplier.wsdl; UOMGroup.wsdl; Wipconfirm.wsdl; WIPMerge.wsdl; WIPMove.wsdl; WIPRecover.wsdl; WIPSplit.wsdl; WIPStatus.wsdl; Wrkschdule.wsdl

From the OAGi Announcement

OAGi, the open standards group that builds OAGIS, the richest and most widely implemented XML business language standard in the world, recently made a complete library of WSDL files that can be used with OAGIS for deployment in a Web services environment available as a free download on its web site.

Web Services Definition Language, or WSDL, is a key piece of Web Services technology that enables organizations to deploy a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) by defining services in a language neutral format (WSDL). This greatly enhances interoperability and the ability of organizations to deploy Web Services solutions more quickly, easily, and at less cost for both e-business and internal integration (EAI).

The Open Applications Group has made available for free, WSDL for all of the XML definitions in OAGIS 8.0 and in the XML Schema version of OAGIS 7.2.1. These WSDL files are non-normative, but will serve as a template and an acceleration point for users of OAGIS to deploy it in a Web Services / Service Oriented Architecture.

This important development in the evolution of Web Services has drawn praise from many important players in the IT industry.

"We welcome this offering from OAGi and are pleased they have chosen to fully support Web services with the OAGIS standard," said Dave Mendlen, Director of Web Services at Microsoft Corp. "This support for WSDL provides important infrastructure for innovative e-business, and Web services solutions."

"IBM is pleased that OAGi is evolving its rich set of integration standards to support web services, an important technology used extensively within IBM, as well as by our customers," said Karla Norsworthy, vice president, IBM Software Standards.

"As an associate member of the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I), OAGi has been a vocal supporter of the work of our organization," said Tom Glover, Chairman of WS-I. "WSDL is an important Web services specification and a key component of the WS-I Basic Profile. By delivering its WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 conformant WSDL library, OAGi is promoting industry-wide interoperability and helping to accelerate the development and deployment of interoperable Web services."

The Open Applications Group is a not-for-profit, open, and fully independent Open Standards Organization focused on promoting interoperability among business applications and creating business language standards to support this goal. The OAGIS specification and the accompanying WSDL can be downloaded for free..."

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