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Created: March 21, 2002.
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X-Hive/DB 3.0 Technology Preview Adds XQuery, XPath, and DOM Level 3 Support.

A communiqué from Irsan Widarto (X-Hive Corporation) announces the release of a Technology Preview for X-Hive/DB 3.0. The new release adds support for XQuery 1.0, XPath 2.0, DOM Level 3 Load and Save, and DOM Level 3 Abstract Schemas. X-Hive/DB also supports XML 1.0 with Namespaces, DOM Level 2, XPath, XPointer, XLink, XSL-T, XSL-FO, and XUpdate. Using native XML database technology, X-Hive/DB stores XML documents in parsed form, eliminating translations between XML document structure and the database schema. X-Hive/DB includes an XLink-compliant 'intelligent-linking engine'. "With X-Hive/DB's XLink engine you are able to offer support for bi-directional links, link-bases and link management. In conjunction with the XPointer implementation, X-Hive offers a pure XML based link Processor. Within X-Hive/DB documents can be stored as versionable documents. X-Hive/DB offers linear versioning with support for branching. X-Hive/DB calculates differences between documents and stores the calculated delta efficiently in an XML format. Branching allows you to concurrently maintain different threads of versioned documents." Earlier in 2002, the company added X-Hive/DB support for WebDAV, J2EE, and XUpdate. X-Hive's WebDAV implementation "allows end users to access, create, and manage X-Hive/DB collections and documents directly from WebDAV-compliant desktop applications."

From the X-Hive/DB product description:

X-Hive/DB allows you to build and deploy XML based solutions in a cost effective way using world standards in conjunction with superior performance. X-Hive/DB reduces your time to market considerably and offers a significant reduction in development and deployment costs of your application. X-Hive/DB simplifies deployment by being fully embeddable and by eliminating the need for a DBA. X-Hive/DB's implementation of the latest standards combined with its extensive set of tools for content management gives you a head start for XML based application development.

X-Hive/DB has been designed to operate in a mixture of architectures. With X-Hive/DB you are in charge of your architectural setup. Whether it is client server or http-based X-Hive/DB can be used in a wide variety of architectures. X-Hive/DB was designed to scale in terms of concurrent users and database size. X-Hive/DB offers access to the smallest document part while operating over large volumes of XML documents. X-Hive/DB supports load balancing of the database over multiple physical machines and has facilities for fault-tolerance and replication.

X-Hive's Resource Adapter Implementation of the J2EE Connector Specification allows customers to build Enterprise Java Beans where X-Hive/DB acts as an Enterprise Information System (EIS). The J2EE Connector technology simplifies the integration of diverse EIS systems since each EIS requires just one implementation of the J2EE Connector technology. With the implementation of the Resource Adapter, connection management can be outsourced to the EJB server in a standardized way.

Based in Rotterdam, "X-Hive Corporation is a leading innovator in XML database technology. Its mission is to provide superior technology and expertise to the growing market for XML applications and services. Its flagship product, X-Hive/DB is a native XML database based upon open standards which has the ability to instantly locate and retrieve the smallest element within large quantities of data. This sets X-Hive/DB apart from the competition and makes it the ideal foundation for building mission critical applications and large volume XML data environments."

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