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Created: October 18, 2001.
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New Joint Venture (JV) XML Standards for Reinsurance and Large Commercial Insurance.

A new suite of documents and files defining the JV XML insurance standards has been announced by ACORD, which assumed responsibility for the JV Standards in July 2001. The release includes "an XML specification that gives general information regarding JV XML as well as details of the structure and makeup of the JV XML data tags, aggregates and messages. A Document Type Definition (DTD) is also included that can be used to validate XML datastreams; there are transaction templates which show the XML streams for each of the JV XML messages. This new version is based on extensive pilot testing of the earlier version 1.0, released in June 2000, by a number of broker and reinsurer organizations in the US, UK and Europe. As a result of the pilots, transaction structures have been simplified, and XML designs optimized so that interfaces to them can be incorporated efficiently into an implementers' internal systems. The new release also includes updates to other implementation documentation, and to the JV interactive Data Dictionary, to fully support the new version of the XML standards."

From the JV XML Message Specification:

The Joint Venture Insurance and Reinsurance Service Business Message Specification is the result of a cooperative industry effort of JV members including ins/reinsurers, ins/reinsurance intermediaries, clients/cedents and technology service providers. It leverages existing JV EDIFACT messages, a JV data dictionary and data model and the IFX Specification to provide the definition of business messages to be used by the insurance industry using electronic commerce to conduct the business of insurance.

The Joint Venture Insurance and Reinsurance Service Business Message Specification provides the insurance industry with a common set of Business Level Messages that may be used to provide message-processing services across multiple organizations and networks. This document defines the information that must be sent in a message from a business perspective and provides message semantics. This document provides the basis for business-level information flow reinsurers, intermediaries, cedents and third party Service Providers. This document is intended to be independent of any technology implementation but it is expected that the creation of technology-specific standards for the industry will use this document during the definition process. It identifies logical groupings of information that can then be expressed in a given technology, today in particular, XML.

The Joint Venture Data Dictionary includes data defined by JV partners (and their memberships) for the areas of placing, technical accounting, claims advice and payment, financial accounting, and the supporting areas of bordereau and transactions used for responses/updating references and processing indicators When defining data for this dictionary, JV's primary aim was to clearly express the data standard that had been agreed by business users and implementers over a number of years when the specific JV messages and implementation guidelines were developed. Throughout the creation of the dictionary elements, the JV has maintained a mapping the XML and EDIFACT standards to assist developers in designing software that may need to exchange information with existing EDIFACT standards-based systems. Joint Venture XML Document Type Definition This specification, in conjunction with the JV data dictionary, has been compiled into a Document Type Definition (DTD) file.

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