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Created: September 27, 2001.
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Adobe Offers Software Developer Kit Supporting Job Definition Format (JDF).

Adobe Systems has announced the immediate availability of an SDK for the XML-based Job Definition Format (JDF). From the announcement: Adobe is releasing "the first software development kit for the Job Definition Format (JDF), an Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based specification used to capture, manage and communicate job ticket information throughout a business process or printing workflow. Operating within the standards of the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP/4), the Adobe JDF Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a development toolkit designed to simplify and standardize the development of JDF-compatible workflow solutions for developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Adobe JDF SDK is used by OEMs and independent software vendors (ISVs) to speed implementation of Internet and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)-based workflow systems, services and solutions. Based on XML, the toolkit will enable developers to build systems that allow end users to better collaborate and specify print jobs within the context of the job itself. In addition to a more collaborative and efficient workflow, JDF implementations give service providers the added ability to automate production, printing and billing processes."

Other recent Adobe announcements:

  • "Adobe Streamlines Workflows for Publishers with New Metadata Technology." - "... Adobe unveiled new technology behind the Adobe family of products that streamlines workflows saving time and money for publishers. Called XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform), this framework enhances workflows so that content can be applied seamlessly between print, Web, eBooks and other media. XMP provides Adobe applications and partners with a common metadata framework that standardizes the creation, processing and interchange of document metadata across publishing workflows. XMP will be incorporated into all Adobe products eventually and is available for developers via a software development kit (SDK). Users will benefit from XMP's ability to contain metadata within application files..." XMP is an 'extensible framework built into RDF'; see (1) the product overview, (2) white paper, and (3) XMP Developer Knowledgebase.
  • "Adobe Drives Network Publishing with new Web, Cross-Media, Collaboration and Imaging Products and Partnerships." - "Adobe Systems Incorporated, the leader in network publishing, today made several product and technology announcements at Seybold San Francisco supporting the company's strategic direction to enable delivery of visually-rich, personalized content to anyone, anywhere on any device... Building out the network publishing platform, Adobe AlterCast, a new dynamic imaging server software, and XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform), a technology framework that enhances workflows, were also announced today. AlterCast represents a new direction for Adobe. AlterCast is built on award-winning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator technology, while supporting industry-standard image file formats. XMP is the ultimate network publishing platform, providing Adobe applications and partners with a common metadata framework that standardizes the creation, processing and interchange of document metadata across publishing workflows..."
  • "Adobe Illustrator 10 Defines Future of Cross-Media Graphics Production." - "Adobe Illustrator 10 software delivers powerful, integrated tools such as symbols and slicing for creating and optimizing Web graphics, creative options such as live distortion and productivity enhancements such as dynamic data-driven graphics... Adobe Illustrator also offers robust new support for object-based slicing, HTML tables with Cascading Style Sheet layers, and enhanced SVG import and export and Macromedia Flash (SWF) format export..."
  • "Adobe InDesign 2.0 sets new standards for professional layout and design software." - "Adobe announced the new version of its professional layout and design program, Adobe InDesign 2.0. Developed with the feedback of graphics professionals worldwide, InDesign 2.0 software helps solve many layout and design problems customers have today and delivers the tools to manage cross-media publishing now and in the future. New features such as extensible markup language (XML) import and export support, transparency, table creation, long document support, a superior printing interface, native Mac OS X support and tighter integration with other Adobe products, enables graphic designers, production artists and prepress professionals to exercise design innovation and improve productivity..."

Principal references:

  • Announcement: "Adobe Releases Job Definition Format Software Developer Kit to Standardize and Simplify JDF Implementation for Developers and OEMs.
  • New XML-Based JDF SDK Connects End-User Applications with the Web and Next Generation RIP/PDF Printing Workflow Technologies." [source]
  • Adobe Systems
  • "Job Definition Format (JDF)" - Main reference page.

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