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Last modified: January 31, 2001
MarketsML Initiative

[January 31, 2001] [Provisional information only. The WST article referenced below is apparently from a briefing by Mark Hunt for a number of industry journals that cover Reuters' XML-related activity. "MarketsML is a Reuters initiative to solve the particular problem of providing linkage and [thereby] give interoperability across different XML standards. Reuters sees this as an essential component of its work as supply quality financial services online -- to enable users to move seamlessly in a very integrated manner between various information assets. Typically the XML standards work is in specific verticals and we need interoperability across those..."

MarketsML is a Reuters XML initiative "that addresses how financial information content will be provided in XML formats. In effect, Reuters MarketsML will link all the different formats of financial information acting as the 'glue' that bonds all the ML variants together. MarketsML will provide an XML-based architectural framework which will address key requirements for any Reuters user; that of interoperability between external and internal Reuters XML standards and assets that will drive new product opportunities and offer an improved user experience. Markets ML will also enable smooth interoperability between the (expected) multiple ML standards (both internal and external) and add the essential 'view and do' integration from the end-user's perspective." In this connection, note that Reuters is a member of the FISD (Financial Services Information Division) XML Market Data Group, along with the Bank of New York, Bloomberg, Bridge, Dow Jones, Financial Times, Goldman Sachs, Lipper, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Standard & Poor; see Market Data Markup Language (MDML) below.


  • [January 30, 2001] "Reuters Announces New XML Initiative." By Cristina McEachern. In Wall Street and Technology [Online] (January 26, 2001). ['Reuters Takes the Next Step in Simplifying the Information Process with MarketsML. The new XML initiative aims to bring together various XML standards for a more efficient end user experience.'] "Taking the next step in its company-wide Internet strategy, Reuters is embarking on a broad reaching XML initiative aimed at bringing together its various financial market related XML projects. Reuters is calling it MarketsML and it is supposed to act as the 'glue' that bonds all of its markup language projects together. In other words, MarketsML will provide an XML-based architectural framework to create interoperability between external and internal Reuters XML standards. Mark Hunt, director of eBusiness capabilities at Reuters, expects that some specification for MarketsML could be available within six months... Reuters is currently participating in various other XML initiatives such as NewsML, FpML (Financial Products Markup Language), XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) and IRML (Industry Research Markup Language). MarketsML looks to bring together these other XML protocols for a more integrated and efficient end user experience... 'At the moment, Reuters customers have risk management systems, trading systems, market data systems and they're all vertically aligned,' explains Hunt. 'XML breaks down those barriers to get genuine collaboration at a fairly intimate level.' MarketsML will bring together standardized XML formatted information from the various Reuters data outlets so users can access all of the information in a seamless format... MarketsML also aims to lower costs associated with gathering and distributing data for Reuters. 'Reuters collects and distributes data in a huge number of different formats to thousands of different end points and we spend a lot of money and resources doing that,' says Hunt. 'But with XML and the Internet it becomes much cheaper.' Hunt adds that the MarketsML initiative will be constantly changing with the various industry standards. Reuters also plans to leverage its technology partners, including TibCo, which recently purchased an XML tools provider, in order to provide the MarketsML framework."

  • [January 30, 2001] "Reuters Integrates Financial Data Using XML." By [Staff]. From (January 30, 2001). "Financial information company Reuters is to create an overarching XML framework that will create interoperability between external and internal Reuters XML standards. The initiative is the latest step in the technology strategy needed to provide platform-independent financial information to its customers... Mark Hunt, director of XML strategy at Reuters, said, "At present, to access information traders must examine five or six vertical systems. Using XML allows traders to cut across these vertical systems to access news and video feeds, validate business, trade faster and settle accounts within 24 hours." The use of XML is expected to enable the company to integrate data from its systems at a cheaper cost than was previously possible..."

  • See also: "Market Data Markup Language (MDML)."

  • See also: "Market Data Definition Language (MDDL)."

  • Contact: Mark Hunt (Director, XML Strategy, Reuters Information)

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