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Last modified: November 25, 1998
LivePage Announces Shipment of LivePage Enterprise 2.0

LivePage Corporation Announces Shipment of LivePage Enterprise 2.0

Release Candidate Launched at XML '98

Chicago, IL. November 17, 1998.

LivePage Corporation today announced shipment of Version 2.0 of LivePage. Enterprise, its flagship content-base management system. Support for XML enables this new version to store, search, and manage XML and HTML content using an industry standard SQL database, and publish the content "live" from the database using standard web infrastructure.

LivePage Enterprise 2.0 enables a broad new class of content authors to do web publishing directly, quickly, and at low cost. LivePage Enterprise 2.0 also delivers advancements designed to lower the cost of deployment for large web sites including easy-to-use collaborative, multi-user content management, together with compatibility and standards support enabling integration with existing systems.

"We're setting out to give every content originator in the enterprise the ability to publish to their Intranet using existing authoring tools," said Dave Boswell, president and CEO of LivePage Corporation. "With the tremendous cost advantages of our integrated CBMS (content-base management system), LivePage Enterprise enables a broad new class of business users."

Integrated CBMS - Content-Base Management System LivePage Enterprise is designed to cost-effectively address the key requirements for content-base management in the enterprise. It delivers an integrated, multi-user XML/HTML content-base management system based on the Content Relational storage model. As well, it supports simple, seamless publishing directly from the content base, using standard web infrastructure.

LivePage Enterprise delivers the following features that characterize next-generation content-base management systems for web sites and electronic publishing:

  • Collaborative, multi-user content-base management capability is provided to address the growth in size and complexity of web sites.

  • The Content Relational storage model brings the benefits of SQL DBMS systems to content- base storage: scalability, data integrity, concurrency, security, replication and mobile support. The Content Relational model enables the storage of content using the same database servers that manage enterprise operational data.

  • XML and HTML support is provided so users can take advantage of the rapid emergence of XML as a common representation for content and documents.

  • LivePage is designed to leverage existing IT assets and integrate into existing IT infrastructure such as DBMS systems, industry-standard web servers and browsers, and standard authoring tools.

Product Functionality

LivePage Enterprise includes the LivePage ContentServer and LivePage Manager. The LivePage ContentServer provides direct publishing from the database to standard web browsers. The server applies presentation style and end-user features such as navigation, advanced searching, dynamic site map, "what's new" capability, and table of contents. The LivePage Manager provides graphical drag-and-drop management of the content base as well as capabilities such as import/export, automatic indexing and hyperlink generation. Importantly, LivePage Manager provides the capability for seamless integration with content authoring tools.

Pricing and Availability

LivePage Enterprise 2.0 Release Candidate is currently available, with the General Availability version planned for shipment within 30 days. Pricing starts at $8000 per server.

LivePage Corporation

LivePage Corporation provides software designed to reduce the cost of publishing large, business-critical content bases such as web sites and electronic documents using standard web IT infrastructure. LivePage allows IS organizations to provide a shared infrastructure that can be leveraged by multiple departments to address electronic publishing needs quickly and at low cost.

LivePage Corporation's flagship product, LivePage Enterprise, is an integrated content-base management system (CBMS) supporting collaborative content management and live publishing. LivePage Enterprise uses the innovative Content Relational storage model which brings the benefits of SQL database technology to content (XML/HTML) storage, including data integrity, security, scalability, and replication. LivePage Enterprise provides a cost-effective live publishing platform, and can be used to empower multiple content authors with direct web publishing capability. As well as web publishing, LivePage Corporation's products also enable publishing to mobile machines, CD-ROM and DVD.

LivePage Corporation is located at 158 University Avenue West in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Additional information is available through the World Wide Web at, or via e-mail at, or at 1-519-885-2181.

LivePage, Content Relational, and LivePage ContentServer are either registered trademarks or trademarks of LivePage Corporation. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.


Jennifer Hemming
Tel: +1 (519) 885-2181

[Note: See also the announcement on the LivePage site.]

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