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Last modified: November 23, 1998
Inso Announces DynaText/Technicians Edition

Inso Announces DynaText/Technicians Edition, an Advanced Document Delivery System that Enables Technicians to Efficiently Install, Maintain, and Repair Equipment

DynaText/TE to Enable Complex Equipment Manufacturers to Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs by Helping Technicians Provide Higher Quality and More Timely Service

CHICAGO, IL. November 16, 1998. XML '98 Conference.

Inso Corporation and General Dynamics Defense Systems' TechSight business unit today announced DynaText/Technicians Edition (TE) at the XML '98 eXpo. DynaText/TE is an advanced document delivery system jointly developed by Inso and TechSight that provides a complete, integrated environment for technicians performing installation, maintenance, and repair procedures on complex equipment. DynaText/TE enables manufacturers in industries such as airline/aerospace, transportation, tele-communications, Department of Defense, and heavy equipment manufacturing to reduce maintenance and repair costs by helping technicians to be more efficient and provide higher quality and more timely service.

A set of plug-ins to the DynaText Professional Publishing System, DynaText/TE provides specialized components that are used to process and search "intelligent" SGML/XML documents - documents that encode expert knowledge and processing logic. Operating on these intelligent documents, and through support for interoperability with other applications, DynaText/TE enables technicians to quickly find relevant information to efficiently conduct procedures.

DynaText/TE includes a "conduct procedure mode" to guide technicians through procedures in a step-by-step manner. The step-by-step environment supports complex-graphics viewing and, through support for dynamic data exchange, provides two-way communication with external processes such as diagnostic, work-order, and parts-ordering systems. This unparalleled, open, and interoperable system provides technician with a single environment - from start to finish - for effectively completing complex procedures.

"Technology is causing dramatic shifts in our lives and in the way we do our jobs," said Frank Gilbane, Director, Document Software Strategies Service at CAP Ventures. "The widening gap between our expertise and the increasing sophistication of our environment is a serious threat to the successful adoption of new technologies. As a result, complex equipment manufacturers must make a significant investment to adequately train technicians and to provide them with the most up-to-date information, procedures, and equipment. Any vendor that can help manufacturers to bridge this technology gap, reduce training costs, and provide a single, integrated environment for field technicians, will have a huge market opportunity."

Continued Gilbane, "With DynaText/TE, Inso and TechSight continue to demonstrate that they can solve difficult, high-impact problems by automating and mainstreaming complex technology in a form that is attractive to large enterprises."

"With DynaText/TE, Inso and General Dynamics are demonstrating that our proven technologies, used in IETM applications by the Defense Department and by manufacturers such as Sikorsky Aircraft, can be adapted to address business issues across industries," said Sebastian Holst, vice president of product management, Electronic Publishing Solutions at Inso. "Mainstream organizations that manufacture complex equipment can now look to Inso for an integrated, interactive data solution for technicians that reduces training, support, and deployment costs, while increasing product quality and overall customer satisfaction."

"The TechSight business unit was formed to bring the power of IETMs, long recognized by the military, to industry," said Doug Belair, vice president of TechSight Advanced Programs. "For years, we have been integrating authoring systems, databases, management systems, and viewers to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions. Early on, however, we realized that the true cost savings and power of an IETM solution is realized when it is integrated in support of diagnostics, logistics, and training. DynaText/TE represents the initial results of combining Inso's and TechSight's respective technologies, expertise, and engineering skills. This powerful combination will enable us to continue to grow and shape the direction of the IETM marketplace."

Additional DynaText/TE Features and Benefits

  • The content filtering capabilities of DynaText/TE enable a significant reduction in the number of documents that must be written and produced. Instead of producing a different manual for every configuration, DynaText/TE can use the same manual and filter content appropriately for various audiences and configurations.

  • A built-in a logging facility records a technician's progress through a procedure. This feature can reduce manufacturers' warranty costs by validating that a procedure has been performed correctly. The logging facility also allows the technician to add notes during a procedure, resulting in improved training and documentation by providing helpful tips or identifying documentation errors.

  • Supports embedded 'warnings' and 'cautions' in the documentation that require the acknowledgement of the technician. This feature can greatly improve safety of the work environment.

  • Stores and processes user-entered data (test results or part numbers) or device-captured data (from a sensor or other instrument). This feature can direct the flow of a procedure, ensuring that the technician sees only relevant information, which ultimately leads to more timely and efficient completion of a task.

  • Supports multi-sheet graphics. Includes integrated parts and graphics viewer. A special multi-sheet graphics viewer is provided that enables users to toggle between graphic sheets. The integrated parts and graphics viewer enables parts information and related graphics to be displayed in a side-by-side view.


The first release of DynaText TE, slated for availability from Inso in Q1 1999, runs on 32-bit Windows operating systems and is a free set of Plug-ins to DynaText 4.1 customers. For DynaText System Integrators Toolkit (SIT) customers, Inso will subsequently make available a free SIT/TE API that extends the SIT functionality to enable customization of DynaText/TE. For additional information call 1-800-733-5799 or visit

About Inso

Inso Corporation is a leading global provider of electronic Inso Corporation is a leading global provider of electronic publishing and content-management tools for critical business information. With Inso's Enterprise Information Platform, organizations gain an integrated system for managing, distributing, publishing, and continually updating their intellectual property. Inso's award- winning technology enables large corporations to exchange and publish all types of information, from the simplest memo to the most complex multimedia document. For more information, visit the Inso Web site at

Inso, the Inso logo, DynaBase, and DynaText are registered trademarks of Inso Corporation. TechSight is a trademark of General Dynamics Defense Systems. All other company, product, or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


Inso Media Contact:
Paul Lamoureux
Media and Analyst Relations Manager
Tel: +1 617-753-6854

GDDS Media Contact:
Kris McLaughlin
Tel: +1 413-494-7564
Email: kristine.m.mclaughlin@gdds .com

[Note: For a copy of the announcement from Inso, see:]

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