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Last modified: November 25, 1998
New Math Font

InfoType and Arbortext Announce Improved Math Font

MathTimes Font Now Available for ADEPT Users

PHOENIX, AZ. November 17, 1998.

InfoType, Inc., a leading supplier of electronic information management software and services for commercial, federal and state organizations, today announced its intent to make their proprietary MathTimes Font available for users of Arbortext's ADEPT Series Software.

Improved Math Font

MathTimes, the first in a series of revolutionary new fonts being designed specifically for the mathematical and scientific publishing industry, is a true break-through for publishers previously limited by the availability of suitable Math Fonts. MathTimes, is just on more example of how InfoType has combined traditional publishing services, with the ability to provide complete, end-to-end information management solutions for their clients.

About Arbortext

In cooperation with Arbortext, InfoType actually developed MathTimes two years ago for a select group of customers that were dissatisfied with Computer Modern, the only math rendering font available in the ADEPT Software Series. Arbortext is the leading provider of standards-based enterprise software that enables companies to create, manage and share product information. Heavily used in the publishing industry, ADEPT is the preferred software for creating and distributing XML and SGML documents. ADEPT is currently used by more than 25,000 customers worldwide.

"For some time now we have been getting requests from our users to provide an improved math rendering font in ADEPT," said Cynthia Shern, Sales Application Engineer, Arbortext. "We worked very closely with InfoType two years ago to develop the Times Font for their customers and decided to approach them about making it available to all of our ADEPT users," Shern said.

Benefits To Users

This means great news for publishers of mathematical and scientific journals whose only choice for print and web rendering until now has been Computer Modern. Computer modern is a low resolution bitmap font that not only does not include bold and italic, which are heavily used in math rendering, but because it's a bitmap appears faded and significantly different than the accompanying Times text font when creating PDF files for the Web or Post Script files for print.

"As more and more of our customers begin realizing the revenue generating potential of web-based publishing, they are going to demand improved fonts for clarity and appearance," said Arlene Beasley, President of InfoType. "We realized this two years ago and are very pleased with the opportunity to support Arbortext and our fellow ADEPT users. We also plan to make additional font types available as users request them."

InfoType's MathTimes is Adobe compliant and supports UNIX, MAC and NT. The full font package, which will be available for download on InfoType's web site, December 1, 1998, will sell for $3,299 and includes Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Unlike Adobe Fonts however, MathTimes incorporates special interfacing to TEX, a common language in math and science publishing.

For more information contact:

InfoType Inc.
Phoenix, AZ
Kit Anderson
VP Marketing
Tel: +1 602/395-9259
Email at

About InfoType, Inc.

Since 1994, InfoType has remained one of only a handful of highly specialized vendors that provide high-tech document management services to the publishing industry. Today they are actively involved in web technology, along with the integration of enterprise-wide data applications to provide a seamless system environment for businesses of all types. Drawing upon extensive knowledge and experience with SGML and more recently, XML, the latest advancement in web technology, InfoType is the vendor of choice for leading today's businesses into the 21st century.

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