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ISO Publishes Three WS-I Profiles

Three WS-I Profiles Become ISO International Standards

ISO Publishes Web Services Interoperability Organization's Basic Profile, Attachments Profile, and Simple SOAP Binding Profile

Wakefield, MA, USA. July 15, 2008.

The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I: today announced that three of its Profiles — Basic Profile Version 1.1, Attachments Profile Version 1.0, and Simple SOAP Binding Profile Version 1.0 — have been published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO: as ISO/IEC 29361:2008, ISO/IEC 29362:2008, and ISO/IEC 29363:2008. The Profiles are available now for download from ISO at:

WS-I is an open, non-profit industry organization chartered to promote best practices for deploying secure, interoperable Web services across platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. The process to publish this set of WS-I Profiles as international standards involved rigorous review and voting by ISO members, which are the national standards bodies of 157 countries all over the world, each with one vote. The ISO designation is by no means automatically awarded: during ISO development and approval, a standard can be modified, augmented or even rejected.

"It is gratifying to see recognition at the highest level for the collaborative work of WS-I working groups, and thus the recommendation for universal adoption," said Michael Bechauf, president and chairman of WS-I. "Now that closely-related Profiles have received the ISO 'seal of approval,' we hope to see even more enterprises following WS-I Best Practices guidelines, enabling them to realize the benefits of interoperable Web services."

WS-I's Basic Profile 1.1 provides interoperability guidance for a core set of non-proprietary Web services specifications, such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, along with interoperability-promoting clarifications and amendments to those specifications; Attachments Profile 1.0 complements the Basic Profile to add support for interoperable SOAP Messages with attachments-based Web services; and the Simple SOAP Binding Profile 1.0 consists of the Basic Profile requirements related to the serialization of the envelope and its representation in the message.

The three Profiles now published as ISO standards were submitted by WS-I to ISO's JTC1, the joint technical committee (with IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission; that deals with international information technology standards. Following comprehensive internal review and favorable consensus, JTC1 submitted the Profiles to ISO members for final approval as international standards, which required a two-thirds positive vote.

About WS-I

The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) is an open industry organization chartered to establish Best Practices for Web services interoperability, for selected groups of Web services standards, across platforms, operating systems and programming languages.

WS-I comprises a diverse community of Web services leaders from a wide range of companies and standards development organizations (SDOs). WS-I committees and working groups create Profiles and supporting Testing Tools based on Best Practices for selected sets of Web services standards. The Profiles and Testing Tools are available for use by the Web Services community to aid in developing and deploying interoperable Web services. WS-I also submits selected deliverables to standards bodies for eventual publication as international standards. WS-I deliverables may be downloaded at no charge from

For more information, visit or send email to


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See also Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I).

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