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Review: UN/CEFACT XML Naming and Design Rules (NDR) Specification

UN/CEFACT ATG XML Design Rules Released for Public Review

Update 2005-01-31: XML Naming and Design Rules Specifications Published by OASIS, UN/CEFACT, and Navy CIO. Three closely aligned specifications governing XML naming and design rules have been approved for public release. The NDRs build upon the methodolgy and syntax-neutral object model specified in the Core Component Technical Specification (CCTS). The documents are aimed at optimizing semantic interoperability, modularity, extensibility, maintainability, and data element re-use through best-practice design of business components using W3C XML Schema constructs.

Date:      Fri, 6 Aug 2004 13:28:23 -0400
Sender:    tag mailing list <TAG@LISTSERV.GSA.GOV>
From:      Mark Crawford <MCRAWFORD@LMI.ORG>
Subject:   UN/CEFACT ATG XML Design Rules Released for Public Review
Comments:  To:,,

I am pleased to report that the following press release will be forthcoming from UN/CEFACT in Geneva either today or Monday.

"The Applied Technologies Group (ATG) of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) announces the release of its "UN/CEFACT XML Naming and Design Rules" (NDR) specification for public review.

The specification, which is being released today under the UN/CEFACT Open Development Process (ODP). provides the rules and guidelines that will be applied by UN/CEFACT when developing XML schema specifications to facilitate international trade.

The NDR will form the basis for standards development work of technical experts within and external to UN/CEFACT who are committed to developing such specifications based on information models developed in accordance with the UN/CEFACT — Core Components Technical Specification — Part 8 of the ebXML Technical Framework (ISO 15000-5 Candidate).

Included in this specification is a normative schema for the XML expression of ebXML Core Component Types (CCTs) and Unqualified Data Types (UDTs). These two schemas can be used by anyone interested in fostering international standardization of the use of ebXML core components. The NDR specification is available via the ATG Web Site, either directly at:


from the Applied Technologies Group home page at:

under "ATG Documents/Downloads For Review"; the file name is "NamingAndDesignRules_1_0.doc".

Under the Open Development Process all interested parties have the opportunity to review, comment on, and contribute to UN/CEFACT's technical specifications. This is a critical step in the Process. Comments from the public constitute valuable technical input and enable ATG to improve the specification before it becomes a UN/CEFACT standard.

In order to assist in the review and commenting, each line in the Technical Specification starts with a unique number to allow for comments to be placed against it. For each comment, reviewers should provide the specification's line number(s), the comment itself, the rationale for the comment, and suggested change(s). A template showing the required format for comments is available at the above web site.

The public review period ends on 10 September 2004.

Please submit your comments to:

Jean Kubler, Acting Chief, Global Trade Solutions Branch Trade Development and Timber Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

The project team will review all the comments, criticisms, and suggestions they receive from the public, and further refine and improve the Specification accordingly. The updated document and disposition log will be made available on the ATG Web Site after the editing team completes its review of all comments. This will allow everyone to not only see the changes, but also the rational behind those changes made and those that were otherwise dealt with.

If you would like to have additional information, or have questions regarding the Specification, or wish to join in this exciting effort, please contact Mark Crawford, ATG2 Chair and NDR Project Team Leader or Margaret Pemberton, Applied Technologies Group Chair ( The document is already available for download at the sites indicated.


Mark R. Crawford
Senior Research Fellow - LMI XML Lead
W3C Advisory Committee, OASIS, RosettaNet Representative
Vice Chair - OASIS UBL TC & Chair Naming and Design Rules Subcommittee
Chair - UN/CEFACT XML Syntax Working Group
Editor - UN/CEFACT Core Components

LMI Government Consulting
2000 Corporate Ridge
McLean, VA 22102-7805
703.917.7177 Phone
703.655.4810 Wireless
The opportunity to make a difference has never been greater.

This list is maintained by the Office of Governmentwide Policy
at General Services Administration: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.GSA.GOV

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See other details and description in the news story "UN/CEFACT Applied Technologies Group Releases XML Naming and Design Rules Specification."

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