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OMA Issues DRM Enabler Release Version 2.0

Open Mobile Alliance Takes Critical Next Step In Delivering Premium Content to Consumers Via Wireless Media Devices

OMA Issues Version 2.0 of its Digital Rights Management Enabler Release

Beverly Hills, California, USA. February 02, 2004.

In an ongoing effort to accelerate the wireless industry's adoption of rich and accessible mobile services, the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), an industry organization delivering specifications for interoperable mobile service enablers across the world, today announced the release of the OMA DRM 2.0 Enabler Release, designed to protect high-value content produced and distributed by a wide range of content and service providers.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects data from unauthorized access and copying. The OMA DRM 2.0 Enabler Release enables the protection of premium content such as music tracks, video clips, and games with enhanced security and improved support to preview and share content, among other new features.

"OMA is helping the entertainment and media industries deliver premium content to millions of mobile consumers in a trustworthy and secure way," said Willms Buhse, vice chair of OMA's DRM Working Group. "Our upgraded enabler release reinforces the high priority of DRM within OMA, and underscores the importance of content and copyright protection when using mobile devices. As trust and security improves, the industry will benefit from significant revenue enhancement opportunities through offering rich content through pervasive mobile access."

For handsets and other mobile devices, the enhanced OMA DRM 2.0 Enabler Release represents the next step in pervasive mobile access. While the OMA DRM 1.0 Enabler Release, issued in November 2002, provides the basic protection functions for limited value content, OMA DRM 2.0 with its added trust and security illustrates how OMA has enhanced the functionality of the specification to address the needs and principal concerns of content providers.

The new enabler release takes advantage of expanded device capabilities and offers improved support for audio/video rendering, streaming content and access to protected content using multiple devices, thus enabling new business models.

OMA, formed in June 2002 and now comprising of nearly 350 member companies involved with mobile services technology, unveiled the OMA DRM 2.0 Enabler Release at its 'OMA Secure Content Delivery for the Mobile World' event today, held in conjunction with OMA's Technical Plenary meeting in Los Angeles. More than 150 DRM professionals are attending the event, including leading content providers, applications developers, server-and-device vendors, and mobile operators. Guest panelists include executives from Universal Music, Sony Music and Bitfilm.

For more information on the OMA DRM specification please visit the OMA Web site at:

About OMA

Formed in June 2002, the Open Mobile Alliance delivers open specifications for the mobile industry, helping to create interoperable services that work across countries, operators and mobile terminals and are driven by users' needs. To expand the mobile market, companies that support OMA work to stimulate the fast-and-wide adoption of a variety of new and enhanced mobile information, communication and entertainment services. OMA includes all key elements of the wireless value chain and contributes to the timely and efficient introduction of services and applications.


Vanessa O'Rourke
Ketchum Public Relations
Tel: +1 415.516-1960


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See details in the news story of 2004-05-31: "Open Mobile Alliance Releases Working Drafts for OMA DRM Version 2.0." See general references in "XML and Digital Rights Management (DRM)."

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