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NIST XML Schema Validation Web Pages

New Release of NIST's XML Schema Validation Web Pages

U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. March 05, 2010

The NIST Manufacturing System Integration Division is pleased to announce the updated release of NIST's XML Schema and Instance Validation Web Pages. These pages can be used to remotely validate XML schema files against the W3C XML Schema standard (Schema Validation Service), and XML data files against their corresponding schemas (Instance Validation Service).

The website allows users to upload XML and XML Schema files to be processed with a number of third party, publically available XML tools. Often XML and XML schema files are developed using a single set of tools. By using the NIST site users can test their files with a number of popular tools before sharing them with others, thereby improving the quality of what they release and saving everyone's time in the process.

The publicly available XML parsers included on the site are Xerces (Xerces v2.9.1), Jing (JING v20081028), MultiSchema Validator (MSV v20081113, Sun Multi-Schema XML Validator), JAXP (JAXP v1.4.2), and LibXml2 (LibXml2 v2.7.6).

You may upload an XML Schema or a ZIP file containing XML schemas to test against the W3C standard specification for XML Schemas.

For instance validation, a user may upload their own XML Schema files or choose from the following sets of publicly available schemas provided on the site:

  • OAGIS (from the Open Applications Group, Inc)
  • OASIS UBL (Unified Business Language) schemas version 1
  • OASIS UBL (Unified Business Language) schemas version 2
  • Schemas from AIAG (the Automobile Industry Action Group)
  • StratML schemas for strategic plans from AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management)

Additional parsers and schemas may be added on request.

These tools are accessible at:

About MIP XML Testbed

"NIST's efforts to define methods and tools for developing XML Schemas to support systems integraton will help you effectively build and deploy XML Schemas amongst partners in integration projects. Through the Manufacturing Interoperability Program (MIP) XML Testbed, NIST provides guidance on how to build XML Schemas as well as a collection of tools that will help with the process allowing projects to more quickly and efficiently meet their goals.

The NIST XML Schema development and testing process is documented as the Model Development Life Cycle, which is an activity model for the creation, use, and maintenance of shared semantic models, and has been used to frame our research and development tools. We have worked with a number of industries on refining and automating the specification process and provide a wealth of information on how to use XML to address your integration needs.

On the web site you will find a collection of tools and ideas to help you in developing high quality XML schemas. The tools available on this site are offered to the general public free of charge. They have been developed by the United States Government and as such are not subject to copyright or other restrictions...

The Manufacturing Interoperability Program (MIP) XML Testbed has been developed by NIST's Manufacturing Systems Integration Division in the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory. We focus on how XML and XML Schema can be used to support system integration. We work closely with standards development organizations, industry, other government agencies, and academia in applying the technology. Our resulting expertise includes testing and evaluation tools for specifications based on XML, as well as specifications of XML Schemas for particular applications..."


Katherine C. Morris
Posting March 05, 2010


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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