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Justsystem Announces Preview Version of xfy XML Management Architecture

Justsystem Introduces New XML Management Architecture

Washington, DC, USA. November 16, 2004. XML 2004 Conference.

Justsystem, a leading enterprise software company, today announced the availability of a preview version of xfy technology, a new platform for creating, integrating and expressing XML-based applications. The announcement was made at XML 2004, the world's largest XML trade conference, in Washington, D.C.

"We regard the widespread adoption of the XML standard as the most important paradigm shift in the information era," says Kazunori Ukigawa, President and CEO, Justsystem. "Our xfy technology will enable organizations to maximize the value of their documents and information."

xfy introduces an intension-oriented document handling paradigm that enables the re-use of functional modules among several applications. Specifically, xfy's basic architecture supports a direct relationship between source and presentation vocabularies, creating a true semantic basis for XML. This mapping is made possible by xfy's Vocabulary Connection technology — one of its most powerful features. The Vocabulary Connection technology also eliminates the need to develop application-specific modules for XML interpretation by supporting the use of easy-to-integrate plug-ins, thereby dramatically streamlining the overall application development process.

Tim Bray, Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems and a co-inventor of XML, says: "xfy is interesting because of its unique approach to handling mixed XML vocabularies, and because it uses Java to combine high-performance interactivity with portability. I predict a bright future for this technology."

xfy's seamless architecture, which is able to process many different types of XML documents as true compound documents, is ideal for a sophisticated enterprise IT landscape. Furthermore, a user or developer can easily define and construct an optimal application environment for his or her own needs, further highlighting xfy's superior ability to customize.

Robert J. Glushko, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley and Director of the Center for Document Engineering at the university, comments: "xfy's plug-in architecture is an innovative approach to solving the critical problem of editing compound documents with multiple XML schemas, and the out-of-the-box support for XHTML and SVG is very smooth. Furthermore, xfy's capabilities for supporting new vocabularies with VCD, a kind of enhanced XSLT, look very promising. We look forward to using xfy for teaching and research projects at the Center for Document Engineering at U.C. Berkeley, where schema-driven user interfaces and tools are a cornerstone of our work."

Starting today, a preview version of xfy technology can be downloaded at

About Justsystem

Justsystem Corporation, based in Tokushima, Japan, is one of the largest PC software vendors in Japan (JASDAQ:4686).

Throughout its history, Justsystem has placed human communication at the core of its vision and has harnessed the power of information through differentiated products and services built upon natural language processing technologies and know-how.

During the formative stages of the PC era in Japan, Justsystem made significant contributions in establishing the Japanese computing environment, and has been active in Java- and XML-themed technology development in recent years.

Currently, Justsystem's main products include:

  • "Ichitaro" — the best-selling Japanese word-processing software with over 18 Million licenses sold

  • "ATOK" — a critical Japanese language inputting technology embraced widely by Windows, Mac, Linux, car navigation and mobile computing platforms

  • "ConceptBase" — a No.1 knowledge management solution in Japan, which has been adopted by 2,100 of the top-tier enterprise customers since its launch in Dec 1997

Justsystem's consolidated revenue for fiscal year ending March 2004 was 12.6 Billion Yen (about $110Mil). As of September 30, 2004, the company had close to 800 employees world wide. Most business is conducted in Japan, but the company has research and development facilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Shanghai and Dalian in China.

For more details, please refer to the following URL:


Justsystem Corporation
Joy Scott
Tel: +1 910-603-2863

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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