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JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

Red Hat Announces Release of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

Red Hat Offers the Market's First Comprehensive Open Source SOA Platform to Help Businesses Integration Applications, Services, and Process to Accelerate Enterprise Transformation

Raleigh, NC, USA. February 14, 2008.

Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the global availability of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, a next-generation, enterprise-class, open source solution for organizations seeking to enhance business performance by integrating people, partners, information, applications, business services and processes in the value chain.

The solution provides Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), application and business-process integration capabilities in a single, easy-to-consume enterprise distribution. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is the first comprehensive open source SOA product offering, designed to accelerate business execution within and across enterprises. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can help enable greater business performance more simply, openly and cost-effectively than proprietary SOA platforms.

The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is intended to maximize flexibility in a wide array of deployment scenarios from small-scale integration projects to enterprise-wide SOA integration. Built from leading open source projects such as JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM and JBoss Rules, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform offers a light-weight footprint and simple installation for low-cost operations. These leading open source projects bring the following capabilities to the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform:

  • JBoss ESB: application and service integration and mediation, transformation, registry

  • JBoss jBPM: service orchestration, workflow (human and service)

  • JBoss Rules: business policy and rule management and integration, message content-based routing leveraging rules

It also includes scalable clustering, JEE technologies and a highly customizable base to meet ever-changing enterprise needs. The platform combines SOA, enterprise application integration (EAI), business process and rule management (BPM) and event-driven architecture (EDA) technologies to integrate services and applications and automate business processes for improved business productivity. It is designed to aid organizations in improving and enhancing business execution by:

  • Simplifying application integration using a Service Oriented Architecture

  • Eliminating manual pain points from business processes - by automating formerly manual business activities

  • Reducing business processes error — through the reduction and elimination of unnecessary manual intervention in the business process

  • Creating better customer experiences — with fewer errors in data processing, enabling faster customer service delivery

  • Enhancing enterprise scalability and reliability — building on mature open source projects and providing clustering, fail-over and load balancing needed for best-of-breed SOA deployments

"Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform enables enterprises to integrate applications and services, as well as streamline business processes more simply, openly and cost-effectively than with expensive, monolithic proprietary SOA platforms," said Pierre Fricke, director, Product Line Management SOA Products for Red Hat. "The JBoss open source model drove leading-edge innovation in this next-generation SOA Platform that, when coupled with the JBoss subscription, adds significant business and IT value to enterprise SOA integration projects."

"We used the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform to improve the timeliness and accuracy of service order fulfillment for our customers," said Bryan Rank, vice president of Engineering at CADTEL Systems. "JBoss gave us the functionality that we required while providing us with the flexibility and security to modify the source code as needed, saving CADTEL around $500,000 per year in development costs."

Compared to other offerings currently available, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform allows for organizations to customize the platform deployment to suit their specific needs, including using the entire solution, its individual components and even integrate it with third-party open- and closed-source products and tools. Early adopters of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform cut across a wide swath of industries including financial services, transportation, telecom, government and entertainment. Use cases include internal integration projects, business process automation and B2B integration.

The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform also supports a growing ecosystem of SOA partners, including: Active Endpoints, Amberpoint, Information Builders and iWay Software, SeeWhy, SOA Software and Vitria Technology. These partners add value to JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform deployments with their governance, security, registry and repository, tools, business process automation and activity monitoring and enterprise adapter solutions.

Expected to be available by the end of February, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform subscription includes certified product access, technical support that includes code upgrades, revisions and updates, customer support portal, documentation and long-term enterprise stability.

JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform Partners

Active Endpoints

Active Endpoints is the leading developer of Visual Orchestration Systems. VOS empowers line of business project teams to create applications using services and industry standards, making their businesses more agile and effective. Active Endpoints' ActiveVOS is the first product family to promote mass adoption of SOA-enabled applications by focusing on accelerating project delivery time with a standards-based, easy-to-use system.

"JBoss shares our belief that a standards-based approach to the design, testing and deployment of complex composite applications is not only smarter, but easier and faster than using proprietary systems. With the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform and Active Endpoints, developers and enterprises can have exactly what they know they want — a vendor-neutral path to SOA that is easy to implement cost effectively. Together we will help to drive the mass adoption of service oriented applications."

     — Michael Pellegrini, Worldwide Senior Architect, Active Endpoints


AmberPoint's software solutions bring real-time visibility and control to services and applications at each stage of the SOA lifecycle. AmberPoint utilizes a policy-based approach to manage the health and well-being of SOA applications. Its comprehensive capabilities, non-invasive approach and native support for both Java and Microsoft .NET have made AmberPoint the runtime governance of choice for commercial organizations, federal agencies and software vendors alike.

"To meet the needs of our enterprise customers, it's critical that our SOA runtime governance solutions manage services-based applications on all the leading platforms, including the widely deployed JBoss Enterprise Middleware. We're pleased to be a JBoss Advanced Partner and for the capabilities that partnership brings to bear on enterprise SOA applications on open source platforms."

     — Ed Horst, Vice President of Product Strategy, AmberPoint

Information Builders and iWay Software

Information Builders' award-winning combination of business intelligence and enterprise integration software has been providing innovative solutions to more than 12,000 customers for the past 30 years. WebFOCUS is the world's most widely utilized business intelligence platform. It provides the security, scalability and flexibility needed at every level of global extended enterprises. Its simplicity helps create executive, analytical and operational applications that reach dozens to millions of users. Information Builders' iWay Software suite provides state-of-the-art, multi-purpose, pre-built integration components that address all SOA, application, data and information management requirements. Its integration adapters have been adopted by the leading software platform providers. Together, these products give Information Builders' customers the ability to live up to the company motto: Your business. No barriers.

"The combined power of iWay Software's pre-built data and application connectors and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform will deliver a complete SOA solution. As part of the agreement, iWay Software also joins JBoss' partner program."

     — John Senor, President, iWay Software


The combination of SeeWhy and JBoss lets organizations build state-of-the-art 'intelligent applications' using Service Oriented Architectures, making business processes relevant, personalized and responsive. SeeWhy Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) gives business operations staff visibility of events streaming through the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform; real time alerts highlight problems and opportunities as they arise and initiate automatic responses. For example, business processes are triggered automatically by analysis of the very latest customer actions, or a process flow modified by a customer-related exception. As an Advanced Partner, SeeWhy is tightly integrated into Red Hat's JBoss SOA suite.

"The JBoss Advanced Partner program means SeeWhy really gets to know the needs of the community. This program has enabled us to integrate and tailor our product right into the heart of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, putting SeeWhy Event Intelligence at the core of critical business processes."

     — Charles Nicholls, CEO, SeeWhy

SOA Software

SOA Software products provide a comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution ( Workbench), a high-performance, scalable SOA security, mediation and management (Service Manager), and a mainframe Web services solution for CICS applications (SOLA). SOA Software products process over 500 million mission-critical transactions a month and are used by the largest Fortune 1000 corporations, including Merrill Lynch, Verizon and Pfizer.

SOA Software's products provide comprehensive SOA Governance capabilities for all common platforms including the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. The SOA Software certification of JBoss Enterprise SOA platform as a Governed Service Platform ensures that customers can preserve the benefits of their Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution when deploying the best-in-class open source SOA platform as a governable constituent within an enterprise SOA program.

"Red Hat's launch of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is an important indicator of the fast growth of the use of SOA in large enterprises and the evolution of the SOA marketplace. This new platform will allow customers to make quick strides towards mass-adopted business integration. SOA Software's Integrated SOA Governance Automation products ensure that Red Hat's Enterprise SOA Platform is governable as part of an enterprise SOA program."

     — Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President, SOA Software

Vitria Technology

Vitria Technology is the leader in business process integration, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration and exception management solutions. Vitria has partnered with Red Hat to bring two complementary products for JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform: Business Accelerator, which is a platform-agnostic, process-centric integration suite and Resolution Accelerator, which is the industry-leading tool for the end-to-end management of all business and process exceptions. Business Accelerator helps businesses leverage their investments in existing applications, J2EE application servers and other infrastructures by integrating heterogeneous systems and connecting multiple SOA environments such as the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. Resolution Accelerator leverages Business Accelerator's open and platform agnostic capabilities to facilitate both automated and assisted resolution of exceptions in the business processes as they occur. Both Business Accelerator and Resolution Accelerator are tuned to run efficiently with JBoss Enterprise Middleware products and complement the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.

"We are very excited about our relationship with Red Hat, the premier vendor in the open source community. We feel this partnership will enable customers deploying enterprise level SOA solutions and exception management capabilities to achieve their objectives more efficiently and in a more timely fashion. Resolution Accelerator and Business Accelerator in combination with JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform will allow organizations to realize maximum value on their SOA projects by using high-performance solutions that are designed to operate in heterogeneous environments. At the same time, many of our customers are continually looking for open source technologies to enhance their existing infrastructure. The marriage of our process centric, agnostic vision and Red Hat's open source products such as JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform provides our customers with a greater degree of flexibility. Given JBoss' and Vitria's strength in the market, we feel this is a winning combination."

     — Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO and co-founder, Vitria Technology

For more information about Red Hat solutions, visit and For more news, more often, visit

About Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat, the world's leading open source solutions provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with over 50 satellite offices spanning the globe. CIOs have ranked Red Hat first for value in Enterprise Software for four consecutive years in the CIO Insight Magazine Vendor Value study. Red Hat provides high-quality, affordable technology with its operating system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with applications, management and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, including the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite. Red Hat also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide. Learn more:

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