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IBM Autonomic Computing and Solution Installation Schema

IBM Debuts Self-Configuring Technology for Developers Creating Autonomic Computing Solutions

IBM, Novell and Others Propose a New Industry Standard With Submission to W3C

Armonk, NY, USA. July 16, 2004.

IBM today unveiled a new self-configuring technology that will enable developers to create packaged software solutions for installation on a wide variety of platforms. With the new Solution Installation for Autonomic Computing technology, ISV and corporate developers can now simplify the software packaging process and improve the installation and support experience for customers.

IBM, Novell and other industry leading companies have submitted the specifications for the "Solution Installation Schema" to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make this proposal publicly available to the industry under royalty free licensing terms. In addition, IBM and others are calling for the formation of a cross-industry standards committee to formalize a specification for software packaging. The XML-based packaging schema lays the foundation for enabling self-configuring capabilities for on demand infrastructures. IBM Business Partners InstallShield Software Corporation (whose assets were recently acquired by Macrovision Corporation) and Zero G Software Inc are also joint authors of the proposed new industry standard.

"IBM continues to encourage industry adoption of autonomic computing technologies by leveraging and promoting open standards," said Alan Ganek, vice president, Autonomic Computing, IBM. "This new, advanced technology provides an important step toward self-configuring systems by addressing critical customer requirements for easier installation and deployment of software."

The installation of application software in complex environments — whether it's a first time installation or a part of maintenance — is tedious, time consuming and error-prone. By embracing a common open format for the packaging of applications and installation across various target environments, Solution Installation for Autonomic Computing will enable customers to install solutions more quickly, while reducing downtime and minimizing the business impact.

Two of the industry leading software installation tools companies, InstallShield and Zero G, have been working closely with IBM on the new packaging schema and are incorporating it into their products.

"IBM's new Solution Installation for Autonomic Computing provides a common, open approach to packaging with rich configuration dependency and relationship knowledge. In combination with industry-standard installation technology, it lays the foundation for the broad adoption of a new standard across all platforms which will benefit developers and end users alike," said Brian Vile, vice president, InstallShield Tools, Macrovision. "Independent and corporate developers cut development time and get to focus on their core competencies while their customers enjoy the reliability and ease-of-use."

"ISV and enterprise developer customers will be the first to benefit from this new deployment technology," said Eric Shapiro, CEO of Zero G Software. "A standardized installation, configuration and deployment process will enable companies to deliver new solutions to customers that result in reduced development costs, faster time-to-market and a lower total cost of ownership of their own software solutions."

IBM is also developing an approach and implementation for a set of manageability interfaces that products can use to relate packaging and configuration information to resources across the IT infrastructure. This will extend the self-configuring capabilities across complex, heterogeneous environments.

Solution Installation for Autonomic Computing will offer an effective way to simplify and streamline the development costs associated with packaging applications. The XML-based packaging schema is envisioned as the basis for a standardized way to specify the packaging of various technologies.

Enabling self-configuring systems starts with tooling and instrumenting software products and applications so that dependencies and relationships for installation and on-going support are identified during the development cycle. The definition of a standardized schema is the first — and a significant — step in this journey.

About IBM Autonomic Computing

IBM has developed a broad range of autonomic computing capabilities that are being integrated across the entire computing environment. The company works with standards organizations, business partners, customers, universities and industry leaders to help drive innovation in standards and technologies in the area of autonomic computing. More information on IBM's Autonomic Computing initiative, including the latest news, events and whitepapers, can be found at

About IBM

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM works with companies of all sizes around the world to deploy a full range of IBM technologies. For more information about IBM, visit


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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See details in the news story "W3C Member Submission from IBM and Novell: Solution Installation Schema."

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