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Rogue Wave HydraSCA Service Grid

Rogue Wave Software Launches HydraSCA to Enable High Performance SOA Applications

Rogue Wave HydraSCA First Commercially Available Product Based on Service Component Architecture (SCA) Specification

Boulder, Colorado, USA. April 16, 2007.

Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (QVDX), a supplier of software development solutions for high performance business applications, today announced the release of Rogue Wave HydraSCA, the first service grid for deploying high performance Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications based on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) specification. HydraSCA, the latest release in the Rogue Wave Hydra Suite, allows developers to increase application performance and scalability and reduce costs by taking full advantage of multi-core hardware while preserving existing technology investments.

Growing businesses rely on the speed and agility of their IT systems. Many of these businesses will introduce multi-core CPUs to give servers more power and scale. Unfortunately, many mission-critical enterprise applications were not designed to take full advantage of multi-core architecture. Without architecting software to take advantage of multi-core servers in today's business environment, applications cannot maximize performance and scalability. This can inhibit business growth, diminish customer experiences and delay product delivery.

Rogue Wave HydraSCA can address all of these issues. As the first service grid based on Software Pipelines, a methodology designed to leverage concurrent computing to deliver high performance business applications, Rogue Wave HydraSCA allows developers to tie existing components together in a powerful, agile business process and run them concurrently — without rewriting for multi-threading. "Cachet Solutions needed a scalable infrastructure for a payment and invoice matching application that would support thousands of our banking customers," said Alan Walters, CTO of Cachet Solutions, a provider of an ASP-based application suite of receivable management services to handle deductions management and automated cash applications. "Rogue Wave HydraSCA delivered scalable, affordable component execution and management of disparate data formats. The server hardware, maintenance and software costs saved by using HydraSCA instead of a more traditional technological approach will significantly benefit Cachet Solutions as it continues to grow."

HydraSCA is the latest release in the Rogue Wave Hydra Suite and is the first high performance service grid based on SCA specification. The completion of the SCA 1.0 specification was announced in March 2007 by the Open SOA Collaboration (, an informal group of industry leaders, which includes Rogue Wave Software. SCA significantly reduces the complexity commonly associated with SOA by simplifying the creation and composition of services regardless of programming languages, including Java, C++ and BPEL. Rogue Wave HydraSCA enables application developers to quickly increase performance and scalability of an individual service or a globally distributed application by employing concurrently running services — all without requiring special expertise in multi-threaded programming.

"As enterprises and service providers adopt SCA and SOA, they will face hard-to-predict and often variable loads. Transactional integrity, however, needs to be reliably consistent — variable services demands or not," said Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. "Fully exploiting multi-core processing with sophisticated concurrent runtime technology that does not require rewriting applications for multi-threading can significantly mitigate the risks of highly variable demands on infrastructure."

"Rogue Wave HydraSCA improves performance of enterprise applications regardless of existing technologies while reducing data center costs through the efficient use of multi-core hardware," said Cory Isaacson, president of Rogue Wave Software. "The product enables developers to focus on business requirements, not concurrent processing details, and its adherence to the SCA specification ensures interoperability with other SOA infrastructures."

About Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq: QVDX), provides reusable software components and services to professional developers for enterprise-class, high-performance application development. Today, thousands of developers at some of the world's leading companies have used Rogue Wave products to develop mission-critical applications. Rogue Wave Software operates throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit


Andrea Lashnits
Tel: +1 720-554-1246


Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See also "Open SOA Collaboration Vendors Advance SCA and SDO Specs for Standardization."

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