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HandySoft Joins WfMC Interoperability Demonstration

HandySoft to Participate in WfMC Interoperability Demonstration of New Web Services Standards

HandySoft Leverages Expanded Web Services Capabilities of BizFlow 9 to Demonstrate Real-World Business Process Interoperability, Leading to Improved ROI of Business Process Management Implementations

Vienna, VA and San Francisco, California, USA. June 18, 2004.

HandySoft Global Corporation today announced that the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) will feature BizFlow, HandySoft's award-winning business process management (BPM) enterprise platform, among a small group of BPM solutions demonstrating the capabilities of interoperability between Wf-XML 2.0 and OASIS ASAP. The interoperability of these two standards is critical for BPM solutions to utilize Web services in long-running processes or to monitor the current state of a running process. This interoperability will be demonstrated through four test scenarios involving simulated customer, retailer and manufacturer roles, taking place on Wednesday June 23rd at the Brainstorm Group Business Process Management Conference in Burlingame, CA.

"By participating in this important real-world interoperability demonstration, we are reinforcing our commitment to advancing industry standards, leading technical innovation in the area of business process management, and delivering real value to our customers," said Susan Muldoon, vice president of product strategy at HandySoft Global Corporation. "The interoperability of these two standards will enable companies to do real business-to-business automation. Even customers using different BPM vendors can now inter-weave their processes with minimal effort, so long as both adhere to these standards. This helps our customers improve the ROI of their BPM implementations by facilitating both internal and external process automation."

"ASAP and Wf-XML are important because they provide a standard way to link and manage systems in a loosely-coupled and flexible way that supports long- running processes," said David A. Kelly, president of Upside Research, Inc., a technology analyst firm specializing in business process management. "ASAP and Wf-XML complement existing standards such as BPEL, while providing vendor-neutral support for business-to-business interactions."

Existing Web services protocols traditionally function best when the service can answer a request quickly. Asynchronous Service Access Protocol (ASAP) provides a way for long-running Web services to be deployed, when the answer to a request might take minutes, days or months to arrive. ASAP is capable of handling both automated and manual activities, making it particularly well-suited for connecting business processes via Web services. Wf-XML 2.0 enables the business-to-business management of process by connecting BPM engines of different vendors, enabling the quick, easy connection of systems supporting long-term processes.

In May, HandySoft introduced BizFlow 9, featuring wizard-based Web and J2EE services for reusable, standards-based interoperability with IT resources, such as rule engines, enterprise applications and external partner systems. Additionally, this enhanced Web services capability enables companies to extend the power of real-time data monitoring, control, reporting, and analysis beyond the enterprise, so that critical business information can be supplied in real-time by the entire value chain.

About the Workflow Management Coalition

The WfMC, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups. The Coalition's mission is to promote and develop the use of workflow through the establishment of standards for software terminology, interoperability and connectivity between workflow products. Comprising over 300 members throughout the world, the Coalition is the primary standards body for this significant software market. The creation of the WfMC Standards Reference Model has proved its importance in other areas of technology, most notably the ISO Seven Layer reference model for computer communications.

About HandySoft Global Corporation

HandySoft Global Corporation is the premier provider of configurable software solutions that simplify and automate business processes; capture and enforce best practices; improve productivity and quality while reducing costs; integrate information technology; and foster collaboration among employees, customers, and partners.

The foundation for HandySoft's industry and departmental solutions is BizFlow, the award-winning platform for business process management, automated workflow, and collaboration. BizFlow offers complete capabilities for building and managing automated business processes, including tools for designing and monitoring the processes, presenting and accessing work, integrating existing IT systems, and administering the platform itself. As a global solutions provider, HandySoft Global is headquartered in Vienna, VA, with offices in Australia, Japan, London, and Korea with strategic partner representation throughout the world. HandySoft has implemented process management solutions at hundreds of sites worldwide. For more information call +1-703-442-5600, email or visit


Sarah Hedges
HandySoft Global Corporation
Tel: +1 703-442-5600

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See other details in the news story: "Workflow Management Coalition Hosts ASAP and Wf-XML 2.0 Interoperability Demo." General references in XML-Based Workflow and Process Management Standards: XPDL, Wf-XML."

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