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Proposal: DITA Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee

DITA for Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee Proposal

November 03, 2007

Esteemed DITA TC members:

In the past year, a growing number of organizations have come to believe that DITA not only provides the best basis from which to start addressing their requirements for structured authoring of narrative business documents, but that characteristics of DITA simplify the usability issues as well. The DITA standard is so compelling, that the absence of a sub-committee focus on narrative business documents has not stopped several organizations from embarking on the use of DITA for this purpose.

Many of us who are currently engaged in DITA-based business document projects feel that this is an ideal time for the DITA technical committee to support the efforts of these business users with standardized approaches and experienced-based guidance.

For your consideration at the next open Technical Committee agenda, we propose that the Technical Committee officially establish an Enterprise Business Document subcommittee. Attached are the name, goals, deliverables, chair, and initial membership for this proposed subcommittee. A background document has been uploaded to the OASIS site and may be accessed by interested parties [here] at:

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Ann Rockley
The Rockley Group

Michael Boses
CTO Research Corporation

Subcommittee Name

DITA Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee


The subcommittee has the following statement of initial goals:

  1. To develop and recommend a enterprise business document meta-model with sufficient detail to:

    1. define the scope of documents addressed by this subcommittee
    2. allow these documents to be discussed in a non-ambiguous way.

  2. To develop and recommend an approach to harmonizing the enterprise business document meta-model with the DITA standard.

  3. To develop and recommend a standard approach for fully expanding DITA Map references into an editable process instance that may be validated against an approved DITA DTD or schema.

  4. Long term, to develop and recommend guidance for organizations that intend to adopt DITA for enterprise business documents.

Proposed Chairs

Ann Rockley, The Rockley Group; Michael Boses, Research; Co-chairs


Proposed initial work products for the subcommittee include the following:

  1. Recommended approach for fully expanding DITA Map references into a valid editable process instance.

  2. Recommended baseline enterprise business document meta-model.

  3. Recommended harmonization of enterprise business document meta-model with DITA Standard.

  4. Long term, recommended guidance for implementing DITA for enterprise business documents.

Initial Membership

The following TC members, or non-members who anticipate joining the TC, have expressed interest as initial members in this subcommittee:

Elliot Kimber, Really Strategies, Inc.
Joel Gray, Open Text (or designated representative)
Jim Haggarty, Quark (or designated representative)
Steve Manning, The Rockley Group
Peter Meyer, Elkera
Eric Severson, Flatirons
A representative from Pfizer to be determined
Additional initial members are awaiting approval from their respective organizations

[Adapted from the source at]

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See also the corresponding document

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