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Concordia Project Entitlements Management Workshop

Concordia Project Tackles Policy and Entitlements Management at Burton Group Catalyst Conference 2008

Representatives from the Defense, Government and Manufacturing Sectors to Present Standards-Based Use Case Scenarios at June 23 Event

San Diego, California, USA. May 13, 2008.

The Concordia Project, a global cross-industry initiative formed by members of the standards community to drive harmonization and interoperability among open standards, policy initiatives and protocols, today announced a public standards-based policy and entitlements management workshop taking place from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Burton Catalyst Conference in San Diego on June 23, 2008. The public meeting is sponsored by Liberty Alliance and Burton Group and is the first Concordia event to focus on policy and entitlements management and associated standards such as XACML and WS-Policy. The interactive session will feature use case and interoperability scenarios presented by representatives from the defense, government and manufacturing sectors. Registration and more information about the June 23, 2008 Concordia Project workshop is available at

"The Concordia Project held its first public workshop last year at the Burton Catalyst Conference and since then, developers and technical teams working within the community have been remarkably successful in developing standards-based solutions to meet the real world requirements of users, businesses and organizations," said Roger Sullivan, president of the Liberty Alliance Management Board and vice president of Oracle Identity Management. "We believe the momentum Concordia is experiencing combined with its collaborative, open structure and commitment to 'use cases first,' make it the right organization for advancing policy and entitlements management."

During the June 23, 2008 workshop, early deployers of policy and entitlement management solutions will present requirements for policy management, including entitlement and fine grained authorization in the enterprise, to a panel of policy and technology experts from the Concordia community. The panel will identify and discuss commonalities and potential options for successfully addressing use case scenarios. The Concordia community will then work collaboratively to prioritize the next steps involved in developing solutions to meet deployer requirements based on the use cases presented at the workshop and those submitted to the Concordia community through its public wiki. Individuals and organizations interested in submitting a use case or viewing use cases contributed to date, can visit the Concordia wiki at:

"Concordia serves the valuable role of hosting a forum for end users to engage in a constructive dialogue with standards developers and producers of commercial products," said Gerry Gebel, VP and Service Director at Burton Group. "Interest in entitlement management is growing rapidly and early adopters have garnered considerable field experience. The time is right to discuss common usage scenarios, share deployment best practices, address performance and scalability concerns, and highlight priorities for future standards work in XACML, WS-Policy, and other relevant standards."

The June 23, 2008 workshop is the sixth time Concordia members have held public face-to-face meetings and follows the RSA Conference 2008 event where the community held its first interoperability demonstrations. Nearly 600 attended the public workshop where FuGen Solutions, Internet2, Microsoft, Oracle, Ping Identity, Sun Microsystems and Symlabs demonstrated interoperability scenarios designed to meet deployer requirements using Information Card, Liberty Alliance, and WS-* identity protocols. Previous meetings have taken place at RSA Conference 2007, Catalyst 2007, Digital ID World, the Identity Open Space (IOS) and the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). All organizations and individuals interested in contributing to the deployment of standardized policy frameworks and proven interoperable standards-based solutions are encouraged to attend the June 23 workshop.

"The Concordia Project is the only independent forum where the community works collaboratively to develop multi-protocol solutions to meet specific business and user requirements for standardized policy frameworks and open, proven interoperable technologies," said Dr. Robert Haar, professional fellow, GM Information Systems & Services. "With global momentum for standards-based solutions continuing to build, Concordia is an important organization for driving the next generation of open technologies and standardized policy solutions across sectors and regions."

About The Concordia Project

The Concordia Project, originally conceived of by members of Liberty Alliance, is an organizationally independent global initiative consisting of representatives from the Information Card, Liberty Alliance, OpenID,, SAML 2.0, Shibboleth, Higgins Project, and WS-* communities designed to drive harmonization and interoperability across specifications and protocols. Recognizing today's heterogeneous deployment environment, Concordia brings individuals and organizations together to identify how to most efficiently use multiple standards and specifications in concert. Anyone interested in participating in the forum, including public events, teleconferences and mail lists may get more information at

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Russ DeVeau
Concordia Project
Tel: +1 954-530-2850 (Office)
Tel: +1 908-251-1549 (Mobile)

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