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Vendors Demonstrate CMIS Implementation at info360

AIIM iECM Demonstrates Implementation of CMIS at info360

Industry Leaders Create Federated Content Environment

Silver Spring, MD, USA. March 30, 2009.

AIIM, Alfresco, EMC Corporation, and Nuxeo announce the development of a demonstration implementation of the proposed Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification at info360 (AIIM International Exposition and Conference) at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 31 through April 2, 2009. CMIS, which is currently being advanced through the open standards process at OASIS makes use of web services to ensure content repositories and solutions are able to interoperate independent of operating systems and architectures.

The demonstration will show the use of the proposed CMIS version 0.5 specification to access several Content Management repositories or systems in a common and unified manner to make finding and accessing content easier regardless of the storage location. The vendors participating in the demonstration include Alfresco, EMC Corporation, and Nuxeo. Each of the vendors is operating their specific content repository which has been populated with AIIM E-DOC Magazine content along with vendor supplied content such as white papers and case studies.

"CMIS has huge momentum and will become the foundation for building a new generation of content collaboration and social computing applications," said John Newton, CTO, Alfresco Software. "The AIIM Conference presents the perfect venue to demonstrate the benefits of CMIS in action with live systems and discuss how ECM vendors, users, and developers can leverage this emerging standard to provide a new range of content applications that will bring content management technology to the masses.

"Since we first unveiled CMIS late last year, it has received tremendous response from all areas of the market. Customers know CMIS has the potential to become a major industry standard, enabling integration and interoperability between the vast and diverse sources that manage business-critical content today," said Razmik Abnous, vice president and chief technology officer, Content Management and Archiving Division at EMC. "It only makes sense that the AIIM Conference — long known as the premier tradeshow for enterprise content and information management — provides the first official backdrop to demonstrate the full power of CMIS."

"Many companies today are struggling with how to unlock the full value of their data when they have multiple content management solutions dispersed throughout their organization. Currently, 'marrying' these into one integrated system — or migrating content between systems — costs the IT department a lot in time and money," said Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content & Digital Media Technologies at IDC. "Given the need for a common standard that will enable customers to access disparate repositories, today's announcement certainly seems like a very positive step in the right direction."

The AIIM iECM committee working with representatives from Alfresco, EMC, and Nuxeo developed this federated and distributed ECM system based on the proposed CMIS 0.5 specification currently under development at OASIS. The federator component integrates multiple CMS (Content Management Systems) solutions to make the content in the various repositories available as if it was contained in one repository.

The CMIS Demonstration concept and its requirements were developed by the iECM committee members. The software design and development of the Federator were lead by iECM members Thomas Pole of Harris Corporation and Laurence Hart of Washington Consulting, Inc. with development support from their respective companies. Definition of the MetaModel and coordination with the vendors was supported by various iECM members including but not limited to Pat Frank, Sumanth Molakala, and Owen Ambur and system testing was graciously supplied by several of Thomas Pole's graduate students in his SOA class at Johns-Hopkins University.

Attendees at the AIIM International Exposition and Conference will be able to see the demonstration at each of the participating vendors' booths. Access to the demonstration will also be available at the Internet Cafi on the exhibition floor and from their own laptops at

"CMIS promises to be a major development for the industry," said John Mancini, AIIM President. "A recent AIIM Market Study on findability revealed that 49% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that finding information needed to do their job is difficult and time consuming. With this demonstration, we can see how finding information is easier."

Organizations will no longer be forced to select only one content management repository solution to be able to access information throughout the organization. The content stored in content management repositories installed either as an enterprise solution or to solve a specific problem can now be accessed through the implementation of the CMIS interface.

David Choy, EMC and the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee chair will be presenting an overview of the OASIS work in the AIIM Doculabs Booths (Booth 434 and 436) on the exhibition floor on Thursday, April 2. The vendors participating in the demonstration will join David at the conclusion of his talk to provide a panel discussion focused on CMIS, the implementation being demonstrated in Philadelphia and the metadata model used for the demonstration.

Anyone interested in participating on the AIIM iECM committee is encouraged to send an email to AIIM's Director of Standards, Betsy Fanning at For more information about AIIM Standards, please visit

For more information about the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee, please visit:

About AIIM

AIIM ( is the community that provides education, research, and best practices to help organizations find, control, and optimize their information. The AIIM community has grown to over 65,000 professionals from all industries and government, in over 150 unique countries, and within all levels of management including senior executives, line-of-business, and IT.

For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading non-profit organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes. Today, AIIM is international in scope, independent, implementation-focused, and, as the representative of the entire enterprise content management (ECM) industry — including users, suppliers, and the channel — acts as the industry's intermediary.

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Betsy Fanning
AIIM, Director, Standards
Tel: +1 301.755.2682

About Alfresco Software, Inc.

Alfresco Software, Inc. is the leader in the open source enterprise content management market. The company couples the innovation of open source with the stability of a true enterprise-class platform at a tenth of the cost. The Alfresco content platform uses a flexible architecture to provide document management, web content management and collaboration software to over 550 enterprise customers worldwide. Founded in 2005 by a team of content management veterans that includes the co-founder of Documentum, John Newton, and former COO of Business Objects, John Powell, Alfresco is based in London. For more information, go to


Susan McCarron
Lois Paul & Partners
Tel: +1 781-782-5767

About EMC

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) is the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information. Information about EMC's products and services can be found at


Craig Librett
EMC Corporation
Tel: +1 508-293-7298

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo is a software vendor dedicated to developing and supporting the Nuxeo Galaxy suite, enterprise content management software based on Java EE 5 technologies and the vision of an "ERP for documents". The company develops and implements its software according to the open source model, with zero-cost licenses and a subscription model based on the number of deployments and not on the number of users. Active in this market since 2000, Nuxeo has provided complete ECM solutions for many large companies, making it a pioneer of the Open Source in the field of ECM. Nuxeo is headquartered in Paris and has operations in the USA. Nuxeo works in collaboration with a network of integration partners such as Atos Origin, Business & Decision, Capgemini, Eurocis, LogicaCMG/Unilog and many others, providing users with a broad range of professional services including support, consultancy, development, training and certification.



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