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Zope and Microsoft Integrate Using Web Standards

FREDERICKSBURG, VA. December 02, 1999.

Digital Creations announced today increased interoperability between its Open Source Zope application server and Microsoft platforms using open standards. An early 2000 Zope release will include support for two protocols heavily supported by Microsoft, the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol.

"Zope is the leading Open Source application server for content management and portals," says Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital Creations. "Our customers and community gain tremendously when Zope and Microsoft applications communicate in a rich way. We are pleased to aggressively support these open standards that Microsoft has taken the lead on."

"To build integrated e-commerce applications you must be able to connect different Web services together easily and quickly using Internet standards such as HTTP and XML," stated John Montgomery, product manager in Microsoft's Developer Division. "Digital Creations' support for SOAP and WebDAV in Zope will help organizations integrate a truly diverse set of applications and services."

SOAP is a remote procedure call standard based on HTTP and XML, two key standards managed by the World Wide Web Consortium. SOAP allows a program running on one machine to have basic, structured interactions with a program running on another machine. Microsoft submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force a draft specification for version 1.0 of the Simple Object Access Protocol.

The Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol for collaborative editing on the Web. Microsoft was first to market with WebDAV authoring software in Internet Explorer 5 and Office 2000, while Zope was the first application server to provide WebDAV support. Digital Creations is working with Microsoft to ensure interoperability with the upgraded WebDAV support in Windows 2000.

Digital Creations is the creator of Zope and the leader in Open Source web development. Zope is an Open Source application server for building high- performance, dynamic web sites. Zope runs on nearly all UNIX platforms as well as Windows NT, and can be used with popular web servers or its own built-in web server. Visit for more information, and get Zope free at

CONTACT: Paul Everitt, of Digital Creations,

SOURCE: Digital Creations

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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