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XML World 2000 Call for Speakers

Building on the success of XML World 1999, seen by many to have been the best XML event of last year, XML World 2000 will be held this year on September 5-8, at the Boston Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts. Central to the success of the XML World series has been the emphasis placed on the diversity of viewpoints and experiences being brought together in an open, unbiased forum. Rather than fall into the trap of recycling formulaic positions and old marketing pitches, XML World has consistently sought to bring together people who want, for differing reasons, to push XML forward and with it the business opportunities that it makes possible. This approach ensures a level of interaction between professionals working at the top of their respective fields that past attendees have celebrated as its biggest asset as an industry event.

Professionals who have been working on the forefront of web technologies using XML are therefore encouraged to participate in XML World 2000 in Boston and to propose presentations and tutorials. As with last year, presentations are scheduled for a full 45 minutes with additional time for questions, thereby allowing the presenter to penetrate a topic to a reasonable depth. The tutorials are typically scheduled to run for approximately three hours, with additional time for questions and interaction.

Responding to an evident demand, the conference program for XML World 2000 has been expanded over last year with two new tracks being added. The conference tracks, for which speakers are invited to propose presentations, will be as follows:


The development track will cater to the insatiable appetite amongst developers for detailed information on programming tools and techniques to be used in manipulating XML data or integrating XML capabilities into existing applications.


This track is a venue for presenters to address topics pertaining to the XML family of standards or to present fundamental concepts that will of broad interest to technically inclined attendees.


The management track provides the forum for the presentation and discussion of the business opportunities and challenges that arise wherever XML is potentially deployed. In this track, speakers are encouraged to speak to practical considerations associated with introducing XML into an environment or process and to highlight the rationale that would lead an organization, or group of organizations, to take this step.


The application track will be focused on the presentation of working XML implementations. This track will show how developers have addressed business requirements using XML. Presenters wishing to speak in this track are encouraged, to the point of being required, to include a demonstration of the subject application as part of their presentation.


Each conference receives presentations that do not easily fit into a pre-defined track. The X-Track will be used to accommodate high quality presentations that refuse to be classified. Given the issues surrounding XML at this time, it is envisioned that this track will be the home for presentations that go after the fundamental questions. Where is XML going as a standard? What has XML given to the world of developers? What makes XML interesting and even important? Are we using XML to its fullest potential? Are we missing something? Are we repeating the mistakes of the past?

Professionals who are interested in participating in XML World 2000 are requested to prepare and submit the following to name and complete contact information (including mailing information), abstract: 150 words for a presentation and 500 words for a tutorial, for presentations, the track for which the material is proposed, for tutorials, the level of the intendede audience as either introductory, intermediate technical, or developer, speaker biography and photograh in an electronic format (EPS, JPG, TIFF)

Presentations should be educational in nature and not include any sales or marketing information. As attendees have consistently objected to presentations that are in reality thinly-veiled sales pitches, presenters are strongly advised to observe this restriction. Speakers are also encouraged to prepare and present original material as one of the functions of this event is to incite discussion about current technical and business issues.

Speakers will be required to provide their presentation materials a full four weeks in advance of the conference start date so that the attendees can be provided with the complete conference proceedings upon arrival.

The above invocation to originality is in part related to the intention of the conference organizers to publish a book based on the most substantial contributions to the conference program. Candidate Speakers should identify whether or not they would be willing to prepare and submit a formal paper in conjunction with their presentation materials.

Deadline: Presentation abstracts must be submitted before Friday, April 21, 2000.

[See "XML World 2000" main conference entry.]

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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