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Call for presentations: XML Developers' Conference 19-20 August

Date:     Fri, 2 Jul 1999 21:33:52 -0700 (PDT)
From:     Jon Bosak <>
Subject:  Call for presentations: XML Developers' Conference 19-20 August

The just-in-time proposal period for presentations at the GCA XML Developers' Conference in Montreal is now open. Proposals will be accepted through 16 July 1999. (IMPORTANT: read the section titled "Format for Submissions" before sending conference proposals.)

If you are engaged in the development of any software that works with XML or with XML-related standards, in particular XSL, XLink, XPointer, DOM, RDF, SAX, CSS, or DSSSL, here is your chance to share your work with an audience that can understand and appreciate it. Further details about the conference are given below. Presenters get in free.

Vendors of commercial tools can participate, but the presentations must be confined to the technical aspects of products currently in development. Table space will be made available for the distribution of product announcements and commercial literature.

There will also be room on the schedule for a couple of case studies or tendentious diatribes if their subjects and presenters seem interesting enough to warrant a place on the program.


As in previous years, the emphasis is on work in progress, so we're not looking for formal papers but just a couple of long paragraphs (300-500 words) submitted during the two-week period that begins now and ends July 16. (If you have a formal paper appropriate for a genuine peer review process, the right place to present it is the GCA Markup Technologies conference in December, which coincidentally has the same cutoff date for submissions this year as the XML Developers' Conference -- July 16. See for more about Markup Technologies '99.)

It's OK if some details of your project are still not firm, but you must be careful to indicate those areas of uncertainty in your submission along with their current status and your expectations for their status at the time of the conference. Remember, this is a conference for software developers; just observe the same general rules that you would follow in annotating code in progress. The important thing is that you give enough information for us to decide which presentations to include and to tell other attendees what to expect.

Proposals will be accepted only in plain text. Proposals sent in HTML, XML, Word, PowerPoint, or other marked-up or proprietary codings will not even be acknowledged. Proposals must be submitted directly by the person who will be presenting and not by a secretary, mentor, assistant, or marketing person. All proposals should be sent to and to no other address. Proposals must be received on or before 16 July 1999.

N.B.: Failure to follow these simple directions will be taken as evidence of a level of expertise too low for this conference.


Presentations are expected to include slides and/or demonstrations displayed using an ordinary XGA (1024 x 768) projector. Be prepared in the event that your submission is accepted to come to the conference with something that can be displayed this way and distributed electronically afterward. Any reasonably common format from ASCII on up through HTML to XML with a CSS or XSL stylesheet (or sideways to PowerPoint or PDF) is acceptable as long as it can be made available right after the conference in a form that can be downloaded from the conference web site.

Note that the files containing the presentation are not due until it is actually delivered. Presenters at this conference can (and often do) revise their presentations right up until the moment they come to the podium. It is assumed that presenters will bring their own laptop computers; if additional equipment or connections are needed, make that clear in your submission.


The XML Developers' Conference is the fourth in a series of small but very successful informal technical gatherings that began with one-day events in Montreal (August 1997) and Seattle (March 1998) and were extended to the present two-day format in Montreal last summer (August 1998). As usual, the XML Developers' Conference will be held in Le Centre Sheraton and will be preceded in the same location by the two-day GCA Metastructures conference (formerly the GCA HyTime conference). The Metastructures conference is designed for experts in hypertext linking and related technologies (topic maps, knowledge management, etc.) and concentrates on HyTime and the XLink/XPointer side of the XML family. The four days of combined conferences are preceded by a day of GCA tutorials. The schedule is as follows:

      16 August  Tutorials
   17-18 August  Metastructures '99
   19-20 August  XML Developers' Conference

See for updates to the conference schedule.

Like previous conferences in this series, the XML Developers' "UnConference(tm)" resists the bigger-is-better trend of recent years and maintains the concept of a single-track event featuring the cream of XML geekdom. Attendees can expect two days of informal but intensely interesting presentations on fairly deep subjects in a locale noted for its French-Canadian culture, great food, low prices, and vibrant summer street life.

The GCA Metastructures and XML Developers' conferences are cosponsored by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The OASIS cosponsorship is highlighted this year by the location of the OASIS Summer Workshop in the same hotel at the end of the previous week, August 11-13. OASIS, which is rapidly achieving critical mass as a forum for the development of vendor-neutral applications of XML, has just changed its membership structure to allow participation by individuals. The Summer Workshop in Montreal will be its first meeting under the new organization, and it promises to be a significant event for OASIS members. See for more information about OASIS and for information on its recently announced initiative.

In keeping with its emphasis on the latest developments, the schedule of speakers for the XML Developers' Conference will not be available until about three weeks before the conference itself. Thus, a certain amount of faith is required when making travel arrangements. Participants in previous events in this series have found that faith well rewarded.

Jon Bosak
Chair, XML Developers' Conference

 Jon Bosak, Online Information Technology Architect, Sun Microsystems
     901 San Antonio Road, MPK17-101, Palo Alto, California 94303
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34::NCITS V1::OASIS:: Chair, W3C XML Coordination Group
            It is earlier than we think. -- Vannevar Bush
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