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Utah Courts Use XML

Utah's Third District Court Now Accepting Electronic Criminal Filings with Help from Technology Developed by iLumin Corporation

Utah Court's Project is First in the Country to Implement Electronic Filing Solution Using XML and Digital Signatures

OREM, Utah. April 1, 1999.

Utah's Third District Court, enabled by technology from iLumin Corporation, this week became the first court in the United States to accept legal filings via the Internet using XML and digital signatures. The first filings are the result of a cooperative effort known as the Utah Courts Electronic Filing Project involving Utah's Third District Court, the Utah Administrative Office of the Courts and the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office. iLumin Corp. worked closely with the courts to develop and implement the new filing system.

The first phases of the project apply to criminal filings of which the Third District Court handles 30,000 per year. In the future, the Court will provide the option of filing many more types of cases including general civil and small claims cases. Once documents are electronically filed and processed, they will also be made available over the Internet to the public.

The system is expected to save thousands of hours of work each year while significantly reducing the potential for errors and enhancing the public's access to court documents.

"The implementation of this system holds the potential for saving many thousands of hours of work each year," said Rolen Yoshinaga, Information Director of the Utah Courts. "In the Third District alone there are 225,000 cases filed each year. Filing even a portion of these cases electronically will result in significant savings and increased convenience. In the future, trips to the courthouse can be avoided, documents can be filed 24 hours per day and the information that is filed will be much more accessible to judges, court employees, attorneys and the public."

The Utah Courts project has gained national attention as the first project to use both digital signatures and XML to electronically file and manage documents. Jim McMillan, Director of the National Center for State Courts Technology Laboratory, says, "XML is the future of electronic filing. Utah is way out in front with a fully XML-based electronic filing implementation. We can look to Utah as one of the leaders in this area."

"It has been a pleasure working with such a forward-thinking group of individuals in implementing the Utah Courts Project," said D. Brent Israelsen, president and CEO of iLumin Corporation. "We are fortunate to live in a state where government leaders, from the Governor on down, have the vision and determination to remain at the technological forefront. iLumin Corporation is proud to have our headquarters here in Utah."

About iLumin Corporation

iLumin Corporation is an Internet technology and services company founded in 1996 and focused on developing solutions to enable enforceable electronic transactions of commerce in a global Internet E-conomy. iLumin is the first company to offer an affordable, secure, Internet-based, end-to-end electronic filing solution using digital signatures, XML, and related online transaction capabilities. Privately funded iLumin is headquartered in Orem, Utah.

iLumin, enforceable electronic transactions, Online Signing Room, and Internet E-conomy are trademarks of iLumin Corporation

SOURCE: iLumin Corporation

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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