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UDEF Codes

Date:      Mon, 1 May 2000 14:07:06 -0700
From:      KenNorth <>
Subject:   Re: Babel (again) or standard taqs and aliases (UDEF, Bizcodes)

[Cf. infra., UDEF codes.]

The Intelligent Enterprise article about UDEFs was timely. The ebXML Repository Working Group has been looking at both UDEFs and Bizcodes.

1. Thanks to David RR Webber and Ron Schuldt for providing additional information about UDEFs. (This has also been a topic on the xml-edi list.)

David mentioned Ron Schuldt headed up the Repository WG and indicates there is no problem with a Bizcode referring to a UDEF (or X12 or EDIFACT codes). He said:

"The current ebXML Repository WG is homing in on the technical spec's to enable this and much more."

2. The Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA) is developing a new EIA 836 standard for data interoperability. It will replace some MIL standards. Ron Schuldt says UDEF will be part of the new EIA 836 standard:

He said UDEF naming conforms to ISO/IEC 11179 and uses 17 property words specified by a Department of Defense (DoD) standard (8320.1-M-1). He provided this list:

"The 17 UDEF property words (class words within DoD 8320.1-M-1) are as follows:

  1. Amount - A monetary value.
  2. Angle - The rotational measurement between two lines and/or planes diverging from a common point and/or line.
  3. Area - The two dimensional measurement of a surface expressed in unit squares.
  4. Code - A combination of one or more numbers, letters, or special characters substituted for a specific meaning.
  5. Coordinate - One of a set of values which identifies the location of a point.
  6. Date - The notation of a specific period of time.
  7. Dimension - A one dimensional measured linear distance.
  8. Identifier - A combination of one or more numbers, letters, or special characters which designates a specific object and/or entity, but has no readily definable meaning.
  9. Mass - The measure of inertia of a body.
  10. Name - A designation of an object and/or entity expressed in a word or phrase.
  11. Quantity - A nonmonetary numeric value.
  12. Rate - A quantitative expression that represents the numeric relationship between two measurable units.
  13. Temperature - The measure of heat in an object.
  14. Text - An unformatted character string generally in the form of words.
  15. Time - A notation of a specified chronological point within a period.
  16. Volume - A measurement of space occupied by a three dimensional figure.
  17. Weight - The force with which an object is attracted toward the earth and/or other celestial body by gravitation."

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Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive. See updated references in: "Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF)."

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