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tmproc 0.10 - A Topic Map implementation

Date:      22 Mar 1999 08:48:22 -2300
From:      Geir Ove Grønmo,
Subject:   ANN: tmproc 0.10, a Topic Map implementation


I'm pleased to announce the first release of tmproc, a Topic Map processor. This release is meant to be a technology preview.


Geir O.

Title: tmproc
Version: 0.10

Released: March 23rd 1999
Author: Geir O. Grønmo,



  • Python 1.5.1 or newer [1]
  • An SGML/XML parser with a SAX driver
  • SAX for Python [2]
  • xmlarch 0.25, optional unless architectural processing is needed [3]

What is tmproc?

tmproc is an implementation of the new international standard ISO/IEC 13250 Topic Maps[4]. tmproc is written in Python, and it should work on any platform to which Python have been ported[2].

tmproc is a set of classes that represents a framework for doing topic map processing in Python.

The current release includes the following set of classes:

  • classes for representing topic map objects like TopicMap, Topic, TopicName, Occurrence, Locator, Association, AssociationRole, Facet and FacetValue.

  • a factory class for creating topic map objects.

  • a class for importing topic maps, TMImporter. It listens to SAX events and use a factory class and interfaces to build a Topic Map.

  • an export class, TMExporter, that emits SAX events in the topic map interchange format so that any SAX document handler may be used for export.

  • statistical and information printing classes, TMUtils and TMStats.

A command line utility is also included in the distribution.

The implementation is currently based on a draft released some time before the final ballot. Some deviations from the - soon to be released - final standard is expected.

Currently only a in-memory implementation is available. A relational database implementation have also been written, but is not available in the distribution because it is a bit crude at the moment.

Fortunately tmproc has been written in a way that makes it easy to do additional implementations.

Some of the features are:

  • Import, export, query and manipulation of topic maps.

  • Full set of extensible topic map classes with clearly defined interfaces. Association, AssociationRole, Facet, FacetValue, Locator, Occurrence, Topic, TopicMap, TopicMapFactory and TopicName.

  • Access to data in topic map objects using getter and setter methods.

  • Get types including transitive types of topics, associations and facets.

  • Get objects [e.g. topics, associations and facets] that are of given types or more specific types.

  • Get objects [e.g. associations] that exists in a scope or in any of the scopes' subscopes.

  • Optional architectural processing [requires xmlarch].

  • Introduction and reference documentation.

Suggestions and bug reports should be sent to:




[4] Final CD Text for ISO/IEC 13250, Topic Navigation Maps,
See: tmproc 0.10 - an implementation of the new international standard ISO/IEC 13250 Topic Maps. (22-Mar-99)

 ==================  Geir Ove Grønmo  ==================
|  STEP Infotek as, Gjerdrumsvei 12, 0486 Oslo, Norway  |
| -        |

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