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XML Canon/Developer

TIBCO Software Announces Commercial Release of XML Canon/Developer

Breakthrough Approach for Creating an Enterprise-Level XML Vocabulary

PALO ALTO, California. March 12, 2001.

TIBCO Software Inc., a leading provider of real-time infrastructure software for e-business, today announced the commercial release of XML Canon/Developer, a member of the TIBCO Extensibility product family. XML Canon/Developer (XCD) enables organizations to build an XML infrastructure that accesses, stores, and integrates the vocabulary from schemas or DTDs in any XML-based application, such as CommerceOne, WebMethods, or Microsoft solutions. XML and XCD will become a key component of an organization's strategy that can be leveraged for e-business and reducing costs.

XCD introduces "logical schema analysis," a breakthrough approach for obtaining XML vocabularies and grammars, which can then be re-purposed with new semantic meaning. TIBCO gives companies centralized control and distributed access of their XML assets, which can then be dynamically browsed, searched, and re-constructed for e-business collaboration and cost reduction.

"With over one thousand evaluations, the response to XCD has been phenomenal and validates the need for managing and sharing XML e-business vocabularies and grammars," said Reid Conrad, vice president TIBCO Software. "XCD enables enterprises to unprecedented ease in integrating their XML based e-business applications into a single repository, facilitating reuse and lowering costs."

Key Features

  • Design-Time Repository for XML Assets: XCD enables organizations to reduce development costs by taking control of its XML assets at the document-level and component-level (e.g., elements, attributes, types, model groups) from a centralized repository. The documents and components can be categorized, staged, browsed, and the inter-relationships searched to create a comprehensive view of an Enterprise's XML assets.

  • XML Vocabularies, Grammars, and Component-level Reuse: XCD unleashes the extensible power of XML by enabling the analysis of schemas and DTDs at the component-level creating a data dictionary or vocabulary of an Enterprise's XML assets. This Enterprise vocabulary can then be browsed, searched, and re-constructed to create an infinite set of new semantically different schemas.

  • Distributed Collaboration: XCD facilitates collaboration across departments, divisions, trading partners and industry groups through the Web-based access of an organization's XML assets. Access, set by permission, creates a virtual workplace and allows people around the world to collaborate on the development of schemas/DTDs. Companies publishing and exchanging these XML assets establish their leadership and leads to e-business standards.

For a comprehensive overview of the full feature set of XCD visit the Web Site:

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages archive.

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