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Sun Solaris Supports WBEM

Sun to Implement Web-Based Enterprise Management Standards in Solaris Operating Environment

Industry Leaders Applaud Sun's Embrace of Emerging WBEM Standards

PALO ALTO, California. June 08, 1999.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today Solaris WBEM Services, the company's implementation of the emerging Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standards, for the Solaris operating environment. Solaris WBEM Services software enables IT managers to create and modify system information stored in a standard format, the Common Information Model (CIM). This software eases the administration of the Solaris Operating Environment and provides for management software interoperability.

Developers can take advantage of these new enterprise-class management services through the Sun WBEM SDK. Industry leaders -- including the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), BullSoft, Computer Associates, Inc., Natural MicroSystems, Pigeon Point Software, Siemens and ViewSoft, Inc. -- applaud Sun for its implementation of these emerging standards.

"The DMTF is pleased that Sun is implementing WBEM in Solaris and providing an SDK to support the WBEM initiative. This announcement is a sign of Sun's strong ongoing commitment to the DMTF's standards work," said Winston Bumpus, president of the DMTF. "The importance of the WBEM initiative is that it enables the industry to unify the management of enterprise computing environments."

"Our involvement with the WBEM initiative verifies Sun's commitment to make the Solaris operating environment both open and highly scalable, yet an easily manageable infrastructure for distributed, network computing," said Brian Croll, senior director of Solaris Software, Sun Microsystems.

Sun continues to be an active board member of the DMTF and participates in several working groups. As part of the DMTF's Technical Development Committee and its sub-committees, Sun has made significant contributions to such standards and specifications as Desktop Management Interface, CIM and the XML Encoding Specification for CIM.

The early access versions of Solaris WBEM Services and Sun WBEM SDK will be available at


WBEM is a DMTF initiative based on a set of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of enterprise computing environments. WBEM provides the ability for the industry to deliver a well-integrated set of standardized management tools leveraging the emerging technologies such as CIM and XML. More information can be found on the DMTF Web site at Sun will demonstrate this technology at the DMTF Annual Conference on June 15 and June 16, 1999 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California.

Solaris Easy Access Server

Designed for workgroups, departments and branch offices that require reliability and scalability of the Solaris Operating Environment, the Solaris Easy Access Server is easy to administer -- locally and remotely -- and delivers seamless network services to PC clients. Sun will demonstrate this technology at JavaOne from June 15-18 in San Francisco, California. In addition, Sun will hold a Birds-of-a-Feather session covering the WBEM technology titled "Achieving a Standards-Based Approach to Enterprise Management with Java."

Don't Miss JavaOne

Thousands of Java software developers from around the world will descend on San Francisco June 15-18 for JavaOne, Sun's 1999 Worldwide JavaTM Developer Conference. Join the inventors of Java technology and engineers on the front line for an update on the latest happenings in the Java software industry and a technology roadmap for 1999 and beyond. To register, dial 800-668-2741 (888-886-8769 for international callers) or visit For press registration, contact Gael Sandoval at 650-372-7068 or

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, "The Network Is The Computer," has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc., to its position as a leading provider of hardware, software and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet. With more than $11 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at

Note to Editors: Sun, the Sun logo, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, and "The Network Is The Computer" are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


BullSoft, the worldwide software division of Bull, Henry Ancona, president: "BullSoft is pleased that WBEM/CIM is now available on Sun Solaris, and we are implementing WBEM in our OpenMaster management suite. As a long-time supporter of DMTF standards in OpenMaster BullSoft to pleased to work with Sun to extend the reach of WBEM implementation as a real-life standard to manage heterogeneous systems."

CONTACT: BullSoft, Bill Bradley, (978) 294-5812,

Computer Associates, Inc., Yogesh Gupta, senior vice president of product strategy: "As one of the early proponents of the WBEM initiative, Computer Associates is excited that Sun is planning to put Solaris WBEM Services into its Solaris Easy Access Server. Unicenter TNG has long supported this advanced technology in addition to many other industry standards. Unicenter TNG's object model is a superset of CIM, and Sun's work with these emerging standards will help bring the benefits of WBEM to even more customers who use Unicenter TNG to manage their mixed environments."

CONTACT: Computer Associates, Inc., Claudine Martini, (516) 342-6510 or

Natural MicroSystems, Brough Turner, senior vice president of technology: "WBEM and its object-oriented Common Information Model (CIM) are significantly more general than SNMP and management information bases (MIBs). As a result, we're very excited about its potential as an effective solution for managing the converged voice and data enterprise networks that Natural MicroSystems' partners are helping to build. The availablity of the Solaris WBEM Services is a step in that direction."

CONTACT: Natural MicroSystems, Karen Connor (508) 271-1380 or

Pigeon Point Software, Mark Overgaard, President: "Interoperability of management solutions is crucial, especially in the heterogenous world of telecommunications, where outstanding system availability is absolutely required. "We applaud Sun's support of the WBEM initiative and the Common Information Model (CIM) through the release of the Solaris WBEM Services. Sun's support makes CIM an even more attractive management data framework, especially for the dynamically re-configurable high availability CompactPCI-based systems in which we specialize."

CONTACT: Pigeon Point Systems, Mark Overgaard, (831) 438-1565 or

Siemens Computer Systems Group, Peter Schumpp-Kappler, Head of Marketing: "WBEM is a new technology which allows us to set up all-embracing system and network administration in heterogeneous networks. Once this technology has been introduced, users will be able to administer and monitor their entire installed base via a uniform Graphical User Interface. Siemens welcomes this development and recognizes that it further standardizes and simplifies the administrative effort."

CONTACT: Siemens Computer Systems, Andrea Stercken, ++49-89-636-47005 or

ViewSoft, Inc, Dale Munk, President and CEO:

"As new members of the DMTF, ViewSoft is pleased with Sun's firm commitment to participate in the development of the WBEM standards, and to support those standards with a world-class implementation. ViewSoft's thin-client user interface technology is well positioned to complement Solaris WBEM Services, allowing developers to quickly and easily deploy robust, full-featured web-based management applications based on WBEM standards."

CONTACT: ViewSoft, Inc., Winfried A. Burke, 801-377-0787 x304 or winb@viewsoft


Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Michael Shuster
Tel: 650/786-9037


GCI Group for Sun Microsystems
Jason Flower
Tel: 512/477-8305

For further information, see: "DMTF Common Information Model (CIM)." See also "Sun Adopts WBEM, and Provides the Active Ingredient with Java Technology."

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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