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Richard Tobin Releases Win32/DOS Version of RXP XML Parser

Date:     Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:24:52 +0100 (BST)
From:     Richard Tobin <>
Subject:  Windows version of RXP

I have made an MSDOS/Windows executable of RXP available at:

This is identical to the unix version. There is a unix-type man page in rxp.txt in the same directory. The unix distribution (rxp.tar.gz) is unchanged.

Typical usages:

To check for well-formedness:       rxp -xs  url
To check for validity:              rxp -xsV url
To check for namespace-correctness: rxp -xsN url

Thanks to Ian Hughson for building this version.

-- Richard

[Note: For convenience, here is a text version of the UNIX man page (-rcc) ]

RXP [1.0.7] is a validating namespace-aware XML parser in C.

RXP 1 "Beta-test release"

NAME:  rxp - XML parser program

SYNOPSIS:  rxp [-avVNSesbnmtx] [-c encoding] [url]

DESCRIPTION: rxp reads and parses XML from the URL (or 
    standard input if none is provided) and writes it to standard 
    output, optionally
      - expanding entities
      - defaulting attributes, and
      - translating to a different output encoding.


-a  Insert declared default values for omitted attributes.
-v  Be verbose.
-V  Validate the document.  Repeating this option will make the 
    program exit after the first validity error (otherwise a 
    warning will be printed for each one).
-N  Enable XML namespace support.  The document will be checked for
    correct namespace syntax, and if -b is specified, qualified 
    element and attribute names will be displayed with their URIs.
-S  Keep track of xml:space attributes.  This will only affect 
    output when -b is specified.
-e  Expand entity references.
-s  Be silent (that is, suppress output).  Useful for benchmarking.
-b  Print output as "bits".
-n  Treat the input as normalised SGML rather than XML.  Not intended
    for general use.
-m  Merge PCData across entity references.  This will only affect
    the output when -b is specified.
-t  Read in the input as a tree, rather than bits.  Should make 
    no difference to the output.
-x  XML well-formedness checking mode.  Suppress most warnings but 
    treat all XML well-formedness errors as fatal.  Output is in 
    "canonical XML".  This flag implies the -a and -e flags, and 
    sets the output encoding to UTF-8 unless the -c flag is given.
-c  encoding  - Produce output in the specified character encoding.
    Known encodings are ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, ISO-10646-UCS and UTF-16.  
    16-bit encoding names my be suffixed with -B or -L to
    specify big- or little-endian byte order (the default is 
    the host byte order).  If no -c or -x option is given, output 
    is in the same encoding as the input document.


This is RXP 1.0.7, a validating namespace-aware XML parser in C.

RXP was written by Richard Tobin at the Language Technology Group,
Human Communication Research Centre, University of Edinburgh.

RXP is distributed under the GNU Public Licence, which is in the file
COPYING.  RXP may be made available under other licensing terms;
contact for details.

RXP is based on the W3C XML 1.0 recommendation of 10th February 1998
and the Namespaces recommendation of 14th January 1999.  Deviations
from these recommendations should probably be considered as bugs.

There is currently only minimal documentation.  There is a manual page
for the rxp program, and a hastily-written file called "Manual" which
describes the public functions and data structures.  The file "Threads"
contains some notes about use in a threaded environment.

The system has been developed under unix (Solaris and FreeBSD), but
has also been compiled and run under MS Windows.  It should work with
minor changes on other systems.  To compile under unix, type "make",
or "make CHAR_SIZE=8".

A simple application (called rxp) is provided that parses and writes
XML data, optionally expanding entities, defaulting attributes, and
translating to a different output encoding.

There is an RXP web page at:
Bug reports should be sent to
xml-dev: A list for W3C XML Developers. To post,
Archived as: and on CD-ROM/ISBN 

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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