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OpenJade 1.3 Released

Date:     Mon, 18 Oct 1999 21:39:20 +0200
From:     Matthias Clasen <>
Subject:  OpenJade 1.3 Released 

OpenJade is the DSSSL user community's open source implementation of DSSSL, Document Style Semantics and Specification Language, an ISO standard for rendering SGML and XML documents.

OpenJade is based on James Clark's widely used Jade.

OpenJade 1.3 is the second OpenJade release. See below for a list of new features compared to OpenJade 1.2.2.

You can download OpenJade from For more information, see the DSSSL/OpenJade Home Page at

[Re: "You can download OpenJade from]

If you go there, you will notice that we don't provide a binary package for Win32. That is because we currently lack the necessary man-power/systems to do any testing/building on Win32 platforms.

So if you are a Win32 jade/OpenJade user with access to MSVC and want to see OpenJade run well on Win32 in the future, please consider helping us by testing/building OpenJade-1.3 and/or the current CVS sources on Win32 platforms.

-- The OpenJade Development Team

Changes in OpenJade 1.3

  • The SGML backend will not emit linebreaks when used as -t sgml-raw.

  • Jade can bind variables to arbitrary values on the command line.

  • The prlabs1 module of the SGML property set is supported.

  • Style sheet extensions.dsl lists all known external procedures ready for easy inclusion as an external-specification.

  • External procedure with public identifier "UNREGISTERED::OpenJade//Procedure::expt" allows to form integral powers of quantities.

  • External procedure with public identifier "UNREGISTERED::OpenJade//Procedure::sgml-parse" allows to parse wrt. an architecture.

  • Jade supports force! for inherited characteristics.

  • Jade supports character properties.

  • Jade supports special-query-expressions.

  • Jade can bind variables to string values on the command line.

  • All standard color spaces supported.

  • Jade ignores duplicate keywords in make expressions, as mandated by DSSSL.

  • External procedure with public identifier "UNREGISTERED::OpenJade//Procedure::language" to create a language object by reference to a POSIX locale.

  • Language-dependent procedures of the expression language:

    language?, current-language, declare-default-language, with-language, define-language, char<?, char>?, char<=?, char>=?, char-ci=?, char-ci<?, char-ci>?, char-ci<=?, char-ci>=?, char-upcase, char-downcase, string-ci=?, string-equiv?, string<?, string>?, string<=?, string>=?, string-ci<?, string-ci>?, string-ci<=?, string-ci>=?.

  • The style-sheet.dtd derived from the dsssl architecture has been extended (in a backwards compatible way) to include the delaration element type forms supported by Jade. The public identifier for the dtd is:

    "-//OpenJade//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN"

  • char-repertoire, add-name-chars and add-separator-chars declaration element type forms are supported. When given the -s cmdline flag, Jade doesn't use its builtin character repertoire.

  • Most of the derived procedures in the query language:

    current-root, node-list-reduce, node-list-contains?, node-list-remove-duplicates, node-list-union, node-list-intersection, node-list-difference, node-list-symmetric-difference, node-list-union-map, node-list-some?, node-list-every?, node-list-filter, node-list->list, node-list-tail, node-list-head, node-list-sublist, node-list-count, node-list-last, node-list-property, origin, origin-to-subnode-rel, tree-root, grove-root, source, subtree, subgrove, ancestors, grove-root-path, rsiblings, ipreced, ifollow, grove-before?, sort-in-tree-order, tree-before?, tree-before, property-lookup, select-by-property, select-by-null-property, select-by-missing-property, attribute, referent, q-element, q-class, q-sdata.

Matthias Clasen,
Tel. 0761/203-5606
Mathematisches Institut, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg

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Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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