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OnDisplay Announces New XML Features

OnDisplay Announces New XML Features That Reduces Trading Partner Integration Time By Two-Thirds

XML Features Added to CenterStage, OnDisplay's Next Generation Solution for E-Business Integration

SAN RAMON, California. March 08, 1999.

OnDisplay, the leader in e-business integration (EBI), announced the immediate availability of CenterStage 3.3 which provides next-generation XML support for rapid business-to-business application integration. Leveraging CenterStage's graphical approach to heterogeneous content integration, the enhanced XML features allow trading partners to be integrated in less than one-third the time required using first generation programming oriented business-to-business integration tools. The industry leading XML support allows companies to easily parse, query, transform and map XML bi-directionally with ERP applications, E-Commerce applications, databases and legacy systems. CenterStage extends a company's return on investment by leveraging legacy, ERP and e-business applications to link with external trading partners using a non-intrusive approach.

"CenterStage's XML support goes far beyond simple parsing shareware and first generation programming tools like webMethods B2B" stated Darrell Trimble, vice president of marketing at OnDisplay. "Companies can now quickly integrate many trading partners, without having to employ a huge programming staff to add and maintain partner linkages."

In a recent Alert on Enabling Technologies, Boston, MA.-based AMR Research noted the "rapid proliferation of Internet based applications on both the sell and buy side has highlighted the difficulty in exchanging content and integrating transactions with trading partners." AMR highlighted that OnDisplay's CenterStage application "makes broad use of XML" and that "OnDisplay, with a field proven solution, is well positioned to become a preferred solution for these daunting integration challenges."

"As a leading provider of Internet-based commerce management solutions, Trade'Ex expects XML to be a critical new technology in helping our customers to reduce their costs of buying and selling goods and services," stated Jon Corshen, vice president of product marketing at Trade'Ex Electronic Commerce Systems. "OnDisplay's XML support in CenterStage offers our clients a powerful solution for automating key commerce processes such as catalog management, 'back-office' integration, and cross-enterprise communication and exchange."

CenterStage, a comprehensive e-business integration solution, is built from the ground up to leverage Internet technology. Because CenterStage can access data at the business content layer (Web pages, email, legacy reports and unstructured text files) rather than just the database layer, a corporation's business analyst who understands the meaning of the data and application can quickly use the product without involving a programmer.

Installed in over 60 companies for a variety of e-business integration applications, CenterStage enables secure and scalable inter-enterprise trading partner integration using industry standard Internet protocols such as HTTP, SSL, and now XML. The new XML features in CenterStage 3.3 include:

  • Parsing and Extraction: CenterStage agents parse XML documents using pattern recognition technologies via a parse-by-example metaphor that offers the e-business user rapid and programming-free content aggregation and application integration solutions.

  • Graphical Querying: CenterStage is unique in its ability to graphically query an XML document, effectively providing SQL querying capabilities directly against the content within the XML document. The unique ability to directly query XML content gives customers the powerful capability to select only the XML content of interest rather than process an entire set of irrelevant data.

  • Transforming: CenterStage can apply any of over 100 built-in content transformation rules (or any user-defined transformation) on the XML content to apply business rules and application logic on the incoming XML content stream.

  • Importing: CenterStage provides a simple, graphical method of mapping and importing the XML data directly into a database.

  • Publishing: CenterStage creates XML documents from any of a number of electronic content formats-HTML, ODBC data, flat files, electronic reports, Email, or APIs. CenterStage therefore provides bi-directional XML content delivery and application integration-both to receive and to send XML.

" used CenterStage in the development of our initial service and expect it to play a critical role in the expanded services of our new WebPartner offering that measures the competitiveness of online stores," stated Scott Alberts, vice president of marketing at "Now that CenterStage 3.3 supports XML, it gives us an even stronger competitive edge by enabling us to provide small and mid-sized E-Commerce businesses with the highly customized integration services.

OnDisplay is an active proponent in the development of XML as an emerging standard for e-business integration, specifically in the areas of content aggregation and application integration. OnDisplay is a member of several XML-related industry consortiums such as CommerceNet, Open Applications Group (OAG), and Information and Content Exchange (ICE), and will support XML-based E-Commerce frameworks such as Microsoft's BizTalk and Ariba's cXML initiatives. OnDisplay will incorporate support for these XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs) into CenterStage to further automate business-to-business collaboration across industry standard specifications.

Unlike any other business-to-business solution, CenterStage simplifies the difficult challenges of capturing business critical content and data (HTML, XML, RDBMS, text and reports), aggregating the relevant content, transforming it and integrating it into other Web sites or enterprise applications. Visit to learn more about the new XML features in CenterStage and see demonstrations of CenterStage aggregating, querying, transforming, and publishing XML documents.

Product Pricing and Availability

CenterStage 3.3 is available immediately. Products are priced by application server and number of content source sites and range in price from $20,000 to $250,000. Partner programs are also available for systems integrators, web developers and resellers.

About OnDisplay

OnDisplay is the leading provider of e-business integration (EBI) solutions. OnDisplay's Rapid Integration Architecture, provides an e-business backbone for integrating ERP Systems with E-Commerce, corporate portal and other Web-based applications. OnDisplay's CenterStage family of products provide rapid migration and integration capabilities without modifying existing applications, writing custom APIs, or changing IT infrastructures. With OnDisplay, corporations can quickly develop e-business solutions by seamlessly integrating a diverse set of resources, including Web-enabled applications, application data streams, and legacy data files and reports with multiple internal and external systems. These solutions leverage Internet technology to provide an infrastructure that brings together the enterprise with its customers, vendors, suppliers and employees.

Named as one of Computerworld Magazine's "Hot 100" companies, OnDisplay's products are in use at leading companies, such as McKesson, The SABRE Group, MicroWarehouse, MARS Music, Washington Post, The Fairmont Hotels, Henry Ford Health Systems, Carlson Travel and the Orlando Sentinel. Founded in 1996, OnDisplay is a privately held, venture-backed organization located in San Ramon, California. For more information, please call 1-800-508-8800 or 925-355-3200. Visit the company's Web site at OnDisplay has strategic partnerships with numerous system integrators and independent software vendors, including PeopleSoft, Oracle, Lawson, Microsoft, Netscape, Vignette and OpenMarket.

OnDisplay and CenterStage are trademarks of OnDisplay. All other company and product names used herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Scott A. Danish
Director of Corporate Marketing
12667 Alcosta Boulevard, Suite 300
San Ramon, CA 94583
Tel: +1 925.480.2031
FAX: +1 925.355.3222

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive.

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