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OmniMark 5 is Free

OmniMark Technologies Corporation Challenges Perl

Company Announces OmniMark 5 Programming Language is Free

New Orleans, Louisiana. May 17, 1999.

OmniMark Technologies Corporation, developer of the OmniMark programming language, made several significant product announcements at its OmniMark Developers Conference today.

OmniMark president and CEO John McFadden announced the OmniMark programming language is now free. The programming language has developed a strong following since it was first introduced 10 years ago.

A high level language, OmniMark is a clear alternative to Perl for developing server-based web or network applications and CGI scripts without having to make the leap to Java.

"OmniMark programs are easier to write, read, and maintain," said John McFadden. "OmniMark 5 combines a server safe network programming model with an unmatched text processing language. Throw in its intuitive, integrated approach to XML and you have a compelling combination."

To make programming in OmniMark even easier, McFadden also announced the release of the OmniMark Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This powerful Windows-based environment includes an OmniMark-smart editor and interactive debugger which lets developers write, analyze, and perfect applications quickly and cost effectively. For example, the IDE can be used to quickly develop and test CGI scripts interactively without invoking a web server. OmniMark IDE can be purchased over the web for $995.

A free, full-featured version of the OmniMark IDE, called OmniMark Home and School, is available for personal and academic use.

OmniMark already has a large following among Global 2000 companies who have come to appreciate the robustness and ease of use of the language. Among the attendees at this year's developers conference are representatives from Boeing, IBM, Nokia Telecomunications, Airborne Express, and Underwriters Laboratory.

To find out more about obtaining free OmniMark software, visit their website.

[See also from May 17, 1999:]

Free OmniMark Announcement

Earlier today I announced at the Developers Conference, and posted on this list that OmniMark 5 is free.

It is going to take a few days for the OmniMark community to understand what that means. But free means free. We now have only two OmniMark related products that generate direct revenue.

  1. On unix, we have what we call OmniMark C, which is an OmniMark byte code compiler. It is for the relatively few developers who see value to generating byte code for packaging or security reasons. It costs US$2,995 per developer seat. The compiler still uses FlexLM to bind it to a single developer machine.

  2. On Windows, we have OmniMark Developer IDE. It costs US$995. It can generate byte code. It is for use at work.

The following products are free.

  1. The old OmniMark CI which is renamed OmniMark C/VM is free. We also have OmniMark VM which is a virtual machine (run time) which can read byte code. OmniMark C/VM can also read byte code, although it can't generate it. Both OmniMark C/VM and OmniMark VM are free.

  2. OmniMark Home & School IDE. A free version of OmniMark IDE, it can't generate byte code and you can't use it at work. That is the only difference from the Developer version. Period.

As OmniMark Technologies now has, effectively, only the IDE as a source of revenue there are a couple of things you can do for us. Buy the IDE (lots of copies!!!) and tell your friends on other lists, and those who are struggling with Perl in other areas of your company that you can help them out with OmniMark. You might also want to spread the word on other lists.

You have been asking for free OmniMark, we just delivered. Now it is your turn. Use lots of it.

Come to to see how you can purchase the IDE and download the free stuff. The Unix stuff isn't there yet but should be before the week is out.

OmniMark 5 is mind bending. We hope you enjoy it. It costs a heck of a lot less than Perl!

John R McFadden
OmniMark Technologies Corporation

Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. See this announcement also on the OmniMark Web site. See also: "OmniMark Home and School IDE. Free for use at home or at school!" and "OmniMark - The Network Programming Language."

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